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Floral Fantasy:Sunflowers

People love sunflowers.  This is something that I have learned over the years I have been a floral designer. They also love gerbera daisies.  They seem to be two of the favourite flowers that people will request in an arrangement.

I love sunflowers now, not so much the rest of the year.  For me, and for a lot of floral designers you are always ahead of the season.  Commercially grown flowers are aprox one month in advance of Mother Nature and our designs reflect this.  By the time one season arrives naturally, I am ready to move on to the next.

We have been purchasing a lot of the autumn flowers at the shop lately, sunflowers, dahlias, sedums, celosia etc and this put me in the mood to make this arrangement.


gardenjuly09 123


This hand tied bouquet also includes roses and asclepia or butterfly weed.


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Floral Fantasy: Forsythia


 When I was posting the blog about arranging peonies, I found this draft.  I had totally forgotten about it and even though it is out of season, I thought that you might be interested in having a look.


We had a large installation at work this spring, this is one of the first pictures I took on my new digital camera.  Unfortunately, someone moved into the shot just as I was taking the picture, but you hardly notice the black arm.  It may not look that large close up, but trust me, these were big and very heavy, getting them up on their pedestals was a definite workout.  My husband is always amazed at how strong I am, it is all due to heaving around large and heavy buckets/vases of water.

I love arrangements that are composed of only one or two elements. I think it is because I have been a florist for almost twenty years and mixed arrangements have been in style for most of them.  This is definitely an arrangement that I would have in my house (only not quite so large), I doubt that I could fit it in the front door!  In case you are not sure what the flowers are, the tall branches are forsythia and the gold flowers with the red chin are cymbidium orchids.

If you have the room, do yourself  favour and plant a forsythia.  I would plant it in an out of the way spot, where you wouldn’t see it on a regular basis, perhaps behind the garage.  It needs to be out of the way, because you are going to cut and force the branches in February every year. Just make sure it is sunny, so you set a good amount of flower buds.  Nothing says spring like an enormous vase of forsythia!

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Floral Fantasy: Peonies

This is an arrangement I made at work the other day.  Florists love peony season, they are huge (the flower, not the florist-mostly!) and will give you a good focal point in an arrangement for a fairly inexpensive price.  We are always looking for more bang for the buck!

A Garden Arrangment

A Garden Arrangment

This arrangement was made in a clear glass cylinder vase and includes peonies, green hydrangeas, roses and dahlias.   I needed some extra greenery so I cut a few fronds from a fern.  The style of the shop where I work is very low and lush, we do mostly corporate work, so they must fit easily on a desk.  With a low vase, you have less chance of tipping the vase and ruining your keyboard.  And that’s a good thing!

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