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Hello, I love you,

Won’t you tell me your name?

When I was at Hunte’s Gardens, this GORGEOUS plant was on the terrace.

Just in case one time was not enough!

Does anyone know what it is? I love it!


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Bowl of Beauty

No, not the peony, and no, not a bowl of strawberries and cream, although that sounds good right now, but summer containers.

If you read my post on Friday, I have already gushed about my friend Janus, she is a fabulous container designer (and everything she knows, she learned from me, lol). No, really, she does amazing container planting around her home. And they are not all placed neatly at the door, she tucks a lot of them into the garden, adding colour near the edge, where it can be appreciated from the house.

Love that bowl, wonder is she would notice if it went missing, lol.

The dark leafed plant in the pot, is a dahlia, one of the Llandaff series, certainly simplifies bringing it indoors in the fall, doesn’t it.

A master at grouping plants and pots as well,

I love orange,

a lovely vignette on the shady side of the porch,

another great grouping, I gave her that agave when I moved to England, it has certainly grown.

Blue and Gold tradescantia in the pot, it is great to use perennials, you get to keep them at the end of summer.

or use herbs, like this purple sage,

Japanese Painted Fern, another perennial that looks great in pots.

But it was this David Austin rose that was my favourite, flowering all summer, with the smell of the heliotrope, magical.

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