The Last of May

May, May, May, my favourite month, so much so, I choose to get married in it, and could never miss it in the garden.

The primula were gorgeous this year,

the cowslips, primula veris, yellow,


and the denticulatas.

Second year for the ‘Golden Spirit’ smokebush, the colour is a bit more intense this year now that it is in more sun (due to a diseased tree coming down).

Can you tell I love chartreuse?

‘Reingold’ thuja, euphorbia and variegated lily of the valley.

The ‘Purple Sensation’ alliums are doing well this year,

these are all self sown behind the house. I shall have to dig them up and move them to the Lime Walk.

Two very gorgeous hostas that I bought last summer, so this is my first year seeing them come up in the spring, and they are gorgeous,

“Fire Island”

and “London Fog”.

Spanish bluebells with euphorbia.

More colour combos I love,

brown and blue, my favourite viola,

Pulmonaria ‘Majeste’ and Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’


and chocolate and silver.

And the spirea hedge, planted along the street was just starting to flower. Can’t wait for those shrubs to meet!








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  1. 1

    Peter said,

    Amazing all the different things in your gardens. It is always so interesting walking around looking at all the different things. Unfortunately you miss so much living in farfaraway land. But soon you will reappear to bed all the glory down for another year. So much work. So little time to enjoy it!

  2. 2

    I know how you feel about May – we got married on the 21st. It’s the best time of year for a gardener – not to hot, things emerging and all the spring blossoms. In the heat of July (and it’s been HOT), I miss those cool mornings and beautiful blooms.

  3. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    Wonderful to see your garden in May – it’s so hard to wait for each new post!

  4. 4

    Marguerite said,

    There’s definitely a chartreuse theme going on there! Always love seeing photos of your house, I have such a soft spot for old brick houses.

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