Thanks for Waiting

Picture me doing a happy dance right about now. Well not exactly now, I am at the library trying to write this on my iPad, (not exactly fun), and I can’t even see the ground anymore as we are having a bit of a snowstorm. But it is April, and it will soon melt, and I will get to see my lovelies again. Yes, all my galanthus waited for me.

That was how my first post was going to start on my visit back to Canada. Soon after I realized that blogging with an iPad was just not going to happen for me.  But thanks for waiting, both you and my galanthus.

Oooh the galanthus, this has been the best year so far. Not only have my nivalis increased in number, but I even had a couple of named varieties flower for the first time.

And my specials,

Lady Beatrix Stanley


This is S. Arnott. Sorry it was out of focus. By the time I got these loaded on my iPad, and looked at them, he was out of flower. I will hopefully, have a better photo next year.




Galanthus woronowii


I can’t believe how easy it has been to post these photos on my laptop. As much as I loved the lightweight iPad the laptop is going home with me in the autumn. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. 1

    Worth the wait. Can’t wait to read more about your spring trip.

  2. 2

    Barry P. said,

    Excellent! I had no idea you had so many named varieties.

  3. 3

    Pauline said,

    Fantastic that your snowdrops waited for you, they are looking really good and your specials will soon increase. Nice to read about snowdrops and snow in June!!

  4. 4

    Peter said,

    So quiet on the street now! LOL

    So glad you had a good display of snow drops this year. And the chestnut tree as well. Flowers just finished dropping on it the other day but the bridal wreath is still beautiful,

    I cut my grass the other day and just after two Mallard ducks showed up. The biggest surprise was from Norris who seen a deer on his front lawn! That would have been neat to get a picture of in your garden if it went that way!

    PS your lawn also was cut the other day and looks quite nice. Your markers saved your lilies from being mowed lol

    Anyway looking forward to your Fall return although that means winter in a few months after but not much can be done about that!

    Enjoy the weather and flowers down there! I expect we will see more of the local fauna from you!


  5. 5

    Jean said,

    It looks as though those snowdrops were worth waiting for — both for you and for us :-).

  6. 6

    Barbara H. said,

    So excited to see this post and so happy the snowdrops waited for you! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your home visit.

  7. 7

    rylahn ernandez said,

    Indeed, the long wait is over..

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