Flower Power 2

I am sure most of you know that I used to be a floral designer. However, since we have lived in Barbados, I cannot work any more. But I miss flowers, and when I found out that St. James Church was having a Harvest Garden Party to raise money for the restoration on the church, I wanted to go. As is the case of most churches, the congregation cannot cover the costs of the church, so St. James has been holding this fund-raiser since 1989.  There is entertainment by the Royal Barbados Police Band, many vendors and lots of food, but the flower arrangements were what I wanted to see.

And I was not disappointed. St. James is the oldest Anglican church on the island, originally built in 1628 of wood, the now day stone structure was built in 1847. It is an exquisite church, but the flowers enhanced it even more.

What do you think, did you like them as much as I did?


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  1. 1

    Peter said,

    Beautiful!! I hope you can get some hands on floral design work there. It looks like the variety of flowers is very different from our local selections. Probably no snow drops though! lol

  2. 3

    janefitness said,

    Beautiful! You may not be able to do floral design in Barbados but you bless us with your beautiful pictures and wonderful blogs!

  3. 5

    Barry P. said,

    That was a lovely event. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. 7

    Stunning! And so different from our Canadian designs. Wouldn’t it be cool to work with all those exotic tropicals?

  5. 9

    David Leeman said,

    I really enjoyed going to this event….a kickass show of flower power….and I loved the organ recital……a highlight of my Bajan winter…

  6. 11

    Diana Studer said,

    I did the church flowers for my mother’s funeral. 2 pairs of vases, so the smaller vases could go home with my sisters. I started with a huge bouquet from our NZ cousins and added 2 bunches of yellow roses. When asked what colour flowers, my mother always asked for yellow. Haven’t done church flowers for 7 years since we moved to Porterville – but they obligingly came right.

  7. 13

    Marguerite said,

    oh my, you must have been giddy to see all those arrangements in person. They really are fantastic and I imagine it would have been neat for you with your background looking at how it was all done.

  8. 15

    Paul Jung said,

    There’s some serious Anthurium and Bromeliad action going on! So lush and lovely….

  9. 17

    Sharon said,

    the flora is the relgious experience

  10. 19

    adamborzy said,

    “There’s some serious Anthurium and Bromeliad action going on! So lush and lovely”

    Couldn’t agree more.. Indeed a very serious action going on this plants.

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