The first time I saw this strange plant I though the flowers were wilted as they were hanging down. Looking like a poinsettia, is also a plant growen for its colorful bracts. Hello to the genus, Mussaenda. A tropical shrub with colorful bracts that come in pink, white and also a double red. We have both the pink and white planted at my complex in Barbados.

 Its common name can be Tropical Dogwood, or Buddah’s Lamp.

Mussaenda is native to tropical West Africa,

where it can grow as tall as 30 feet,

and it makes a terrific tub plant for areas with hot and humid summer weather like Ontario. It can be used as a substitute for Poinsettia, as the genus Mussaenda is more disease resistant and less likely to have insect pests.

Perhaps another one to bring back to Kilbourne Grove as a little reminder of my time in the tropics.


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Lovely plant to remind you of your time away from home, I’m assuming you will have to bring it indoors for the winter, I think I prefer the white one, but then , they are both pretty!

  2. 3

    You’re right, they look wilted. But in the closer shots, I see a lovely little yellow flower. Very pretty after all.

  3. 5

    sharon said,

    this plants always reminds me of Austraila

  4. 7

    Melissa said,

    Buddha’s lamp is so much more exotic, don’t you think?

    Deborah, can you email me at I want to ask a favor of you involving one of your hellebore photos. Thanks.


  5. 9

    Sharon said,

    I love the stuff

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