My House, Kilbourne Grove

Way back in July, 2009 I wrote this post. And I had a grand total of 13 people check it out. For some reason I was looking at my ‘all time’ stats, and this post was near the bottom of the list. I though that over 3  years later, I should publish it again for all those who missed it the first time.

Ian decided to check out my blog at work the other day after he realized that someone he knew (Hi Kaaren) had looked at it.  He was horrified to realize that you could see a picture of the neighbours (we call it the Deliverance house) behind us and people would think that it is our house.

So just to clarify matters, I thought that I would post a picture of the house, only to realise that I do not have one.  All my pictures have been of the more important (to me anyway) garden, and I am in Toronto at the moment so I going to post the only one that I can find. 

The House

The House

This picture was taken from the other end of what will be the Lime Walk, looking towards our house.  As you can see, this was taken before the linden trees were planted and our muscari that I wrote about in Free Plants Are Great are in bloom.  If you feel compelled to check out the Deliverance house click here

Funnily enough, even 2 years later, I hardly have any more photos of the house, why not? Obviously I still feel the garden is more important, but I do have a photo of the front for you.

Obviously when I return to Canada in the spring, I shall have to (finally) take some photos of the house.


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  1. 1

    What a pretty house!!!

    I love how it looks, well, organic; it’s a compilation and intersection of so many different building volumes, and I think it adds life and beauty to the facades. I might be in love with that house…

    I’m glad you re-posted this, especially with the added picture of the front. That view must be a delight to come home to – or to come to as a guest when there are lights shining through the windows and the anticipation of an evening to be spent in good cheer and good company.

  2. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    I’m sure I’ve told you before that I love the house. You even did one or two interior pictures once – more, more, more! The back view is amazing – the yard has come so far.

    • 4

      Great memory, I did publish a post on our library, when we had it painted and the bookshelves built. Whenever I think plants aren’t growing,old photos make me realize they are.

  3. 5

    Diana Studer said,

    what is right at the top – with windows revelling in the view?
    You’ve been delivered from your Deliverance house – I seem to remember it burnt down …

  4. 7

    Lynne said,

    I agree with Barbara. All you have done is whet our appetites for more, more more 😀

  5. 9

    paulinemulligan said,

    Sorry, but I’m the opposite, I try not to include photos of the house when I’m photographing the garden, difficult sometimes. It’s a privacy thing, not wanting people to know exactly where I am or what sort of house I live in, its the garden thats important for me.

    • 10

      And your garden is so amazing I am always wanting more photos of it. I orginally started Green Theatre to keep distant family and friends up to date on Kilbourne Groves progress, both house and garden. So far there has been very little progress on the house…

  6. 11

    Marguerite said,

    yes you certainly will! what a house, it’s stunning. No wonder you refused to let go of it when you moved.

  7. 13

    Jean said,

    Deborah, I like the idea of recycling early ignored posts. I have a couple from the first months of my blog that had 0 views during the entire first week after I posted them! I’m another one who has almost no photos of my house. In my case, it’s not because I’m concerned about privacy; I just don’t think the house is anything worth writing home about (or photographing). As I prepare to put an addition on the front of the house next year and then make a new front garden, I know I need to take some “before” pictures for comparison.

    It’s exciting that you are now beginning your third and last year in Barbados. I know you will be thrilled to see your beloved Kilbourne Grove garden in all seasons.

    • 14

      I love before and after shots. With our house, the exterior will never change, so none there, but I wanted to show how the house sits on the property, where the windows are, justifying my design layout.
      And I am even looking forward to winter, lol.

  8. 15

    Leslie said,

    You have an absolutely gorgeous house! What a grand showpiece of architecture, incorporation of natural stone & brick and a most welcoming yet intimate sense as one approaches. It’s just so lovely. Thank you for reposting it.

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