Falling for Fall

I am sure we have all heard of Murphy’s Law. I had just been patting myself on the back for not having a cold since we moved to Barbados. I was a bit worried that I would pick one up every time we flew back and forth, but nada! Till this time… darn it! Just before we left, it struck, so there was no turkey dinner for me this Thanksgiving, hope yours was a lot better.  Sorry for the lack of a post last week, I was still recovering.

My two favorite seasons have always been spring and autumn. And now that I am living in the land of permanent summer, they are even more important to me.

I am sure that everyone knows (after listening to it over and over again) how I feel about spring, but I do not know if I ever harped  told you how much I love fall. I love when the nights start cooling down, and you can have a fire. When you can layer a sweater over a t-shirt and you instantly look more stylish, at least I do. When the food changes to heartier dishes, instead of salads. And when the leaves start turning. Oh the glorious colours they go.  Eastern North America is renowned worldwide for the autumn colours and I certainly missed it when I loved in England. Not that they don’t have some lovely autumns, but there is nothing like a sugar maple in the fall. Not to mention sumac, wow could they be any brighter.  Unfortunately we leave Canada before the height of the fall season, but I am starting to get a little preview.

Looking forward to it getting a bit bigger.

Amazing leaves on the Coral Bark Maple

The coral bark maple is starting to be glorious

 and Hakonechloa ‘Beni Kaze’ is changing colour.

Japanese Maples are amazing, ‘Waterfall’ is green all year, but look at the fall colour,

and ‘Full Moon’ is starting to do its stuff as well.

And look at the mushrooms that have decided to make Kilbourne Grove their home, such a great harvest look. Luckily I don’t like mushrooms, so I look and definitely don’t touch!

Burning Bush at my SIL



I will miss the full neon effect, but I am glad I was able to get a bit of a taste for fall.

By the way, do you say fall or autumn? I read that autumn was English and fall, American, but I think it is a bit mixed up know. As a Canadian, heavily influenced by both England and America, I say both.


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Autumn is full of superb colour and also one of my favourite times of year. I’m afraid that you just can’t have been in the right place when you were in England, there are lots of areas and gardens that are famous for their beautiful colours in autumn, mainly from acers, but also from lots of other trees and shrubs. It all depends on the weather, sunny days and cold nights to switch off the green and show the underlying colours.

  2. 3

    David Leeman said,

    It seems here in Ontario to be an extra intense fall display ….my imagination? Not sure…..great pics and surprised coral bark maple does well so far north…..

  3. 5

    Autumn – and it’s my favorite season of all. Right now the colours are amazing – last night the sun was hitting the maples and they looked like they were on fire. Today it’s raining heavily which means that there will be a lot of leaves on the ground by day’s end.

    Feel better…..nothing worse than having a cold in the sunshine.

  4. 7

    Happy fall visit, Deborah! Glad you got to see your trees in their party clothes.

  5. 9

    Laurrie said,

    A lovely ode to the best season! As an American I say fall, but as a gardener I say autumn. Whatever — pre-winter, end-of-season, it’s a great time visually, as your pictures show.

  6. 11

    in South Africa it is autumn (the word, not the season)

  7. 13

    debsgarden said,

    A post after my own heart! Spring and fall are definitely my two favorite seasons, and I use both terms, autumn and fall, for this season. You have three of my favorite Japanese maples – Coral Bark, Full Moon, and Waterfall – in common with me. In fact I just returned from purchasing a coral bark maple. We had a storm the other night that brought a large limb down on top of my previous one, which was only about five feet tall, breaking it to the ground. I was happy to find a replacement today.

  8. 15

    Your garden is giving a good show with lovely fall colours before you leave. I am somewhat envious when I see other gardeners Japanese maples, as they don’t grow here. Your ‘Waterfall’ is particularly good looking.

    Eastern Canada definitely gets a more vivid Autumn show than Alberta. We don’t have the wonderful Eastern maples either. It is one thing that I miss about Ontario.

  9. 17

    Marguerite said,

    One of my favourite things about living out east now is the fall. You’re right, there’s just no other place that does it like this. Every day as I drive into town it’s just one long stretch of colour.

  10. 19

    […] to see a tiny bit of fall colour before we headed back to […]

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