Eerie or Beautiful?

Or perhaps eerily beautiful.

That is what I find the sculpture like at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. I visited with a friend last week, when I was waiting for Ian to arrive from Barbados.

This ‘temporary’ art installation is made up of natural materials, either found at the TBG or gardens maintained by Landscape Ontario members in Toronto. Designed by award-winning garden designer W. Gary Smith, it took over 300 hours by volunteers and staff at the TBG.

I love it, whimsical, magical, it calls out to the child in me. What about you?


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Art in the landscape or gardens that gets people thinking, talking, wondering adds another dimension and I think is therefore to be admired. It isn’t necessary to ‘ understand ‘ it, just enjoy it!

  2. 3

    David Leeman said,

    It looks like an unfinished theatre set for Hansel and Gretel. …you kept out of you’re shot the fallen forest of tree trunks and roots with the lovely caution tape around it…..was this part of the installation?…..I don’t want to ask how much was paid to have this “temporary installation”

  3. 5

    Jess said,

    I would be surprised if the inspiration for this wasn’t from my area! Because of the flooding of tidal creeks sometimes large trees get a salt bath and die on the spot, only to look exactly as above in a few years time (general with spanish moss still clinging to them)…also the shorter ones look like those trees (tupulo) which grow in our swampy area and whose roots come up out of the water similarly so they don’t drown.

  4. 9

    debsgarden said,

    I love it! I find it both eerie and beautiful. At first I thought the first photo was of a real plant and was wondering what species it was!

  5. 11

    Marguerite said,

    I quite like the circle of what appear to be dead trees (although on close inspection it looks like wrapped vines of some sort?) There is something about the architecture of the dead limbs that really captures my attention and this echos the real thing very well.

  6. 13

    Wendy said,

    ditto – eerie and beautiful. I like that photo that looks like they’re doing some sort of wave. Definitely looks alive in some way

  7. 15

    Alistair said,

    Interesting comes to mind, I suspect your photos do it justice.

  8. 17

    I have been dying to get back to the Botanical Gardens one last time this year. I really like these abstract sculptures. They are mysterious and a bit eerie.

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