Floral Fantasy: Soft Autumn Colours

What another floral arrangement? What had come over me? It is wonderful to have a friend who loves flowers as much as I do. And when I was staying with her in Toronto last week, you guessed it, we decided we had to have another flower arrangement.  So off we went to Av and Dav, a nickname for the corner in Toronto where you can buy cut flowers at a very good price.  We started to look at the oranges, but decided we didn’t see anything we were in love with. And then we spotted this celosia and realized, sometimes fall doesn’t have to be bright.

Once I had the celosia in my hot little hands, it was just a matter of finding a few things to go along with it. So we ended up with commercial mums, cabbage, roses and hypericum berries, and this time, I thought you might like a few pictures of the step by step (almost) process.

I did not think to take any pictures until after I had taped a grid out of clear tape on the top of the vase, and then used some salal as a base of greenery for my arrangement, but I think you have an idea of what that would look like.

When I am designing I always add in my largest flower first, when I designed this white arrangement it was the hydrangea, this time I started with the cabbage. After we have a bit more cold weather, the cabbage will have a bit more colour in it, but I still love them even when they are green.  A trick that floral designers use is to open up the cabbage and make it more decorative looking.

When you purchase the cabbage it looks like this,

and by folding back the leaves,you will end up with this,

much more attractive isn’t it.

So in they went.

Next I added my commercial mums. Grouping is the ‘trend’ now in floral design, and I am sure everyone knows about the odd number rule. But sometimes when the flowers are quite large,  group of three would be too much. If you use two flowers, try to stagger them a bit, just so they are not exactly side by side.

Then my roses went in,

these I always try to add in odd numbers.

Finally my hypericum berry is placed to fill in any gaps.

Do you like soft autumn colours? Or do you prefer a more vibrant arrangement for fall?


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    What a lot you put into one vase, I didn’t think you would get anything else in after the cabbages, amazing and quite lovely! I like the muted shades, they make a nice change

  2. 3

    To me, autumn will always be much more about brows, reds, golds and so on. Golden barley, red and orange berries, copper beech leaves.

    That said, I like the sense of lushness and fruition in your arrangement; it looks somehow bountiful, perhaps in part due to the cabbage and the berries. It would make a lovely centre piece for any dinner table!

  3. 5

    For this early autumn time, I like the muted colours. There is so much orange and brown already in blogland, it’s refreshing to see this lighter take on things. Lovely.

  4. 7

    sharon said,

    just beautiful and clever…

  5. 9

    PJ Girl said,

    What a great idea! I’ve just planted some ornamental cabbages in pots outside but have never considered bringing them indoors to arrange… the trouble is my efforts would probably look like the vegetable rack compared to your professional and beautiful display!!

    • 10

      The cabbage are so gorgeous, you could do a whole arrangement of just them. And I have actually designed an arrangement of just fruit and veg before, it can be quite beautiful.

  6. 11

    Love the cabbage (hate the celosia but I’ll pretend it’s not there and) enjoy the rich textures and subtle colours, the drama of the big cabbage flowers.

  7. 13

    Carol Flett said,

    I love the effect the the berries give it.

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