Before and After

This is what the new Deliverance house looked like when I arrived in April, before the trees had leafed out.

This is what it looks like now.

What a difference the trees leafing out make, still I planted some rooted pussy willows cuttings against the fence. They are fast growers and will be easy to cut down when the hedge is higher, thanks for the suggestion Pauline.


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Glad I was able to help ! It does look so much better already with all the leaves on the trees , the willow should soon hide it and maybe they will plant bushes and trees on their side so that they don’t feel exposed!!

  2. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    Yea, Deborah! What a blessing to see, or rather not see, this house now. Great idea about the pussy willow, too, Pauline. You can probably use the shoots for garden decor, too, once everything gets going enough. It is so much better than what was there previously even without all the greenery.

  3. 5

    Wow, what a difference. The lighter colour of the house just fades away against the green of the trees. Once those pussy willows grow, you’ll hardly notice the house at all! So much better than the previous monster that was there.

  4. 7

    you can’t ‘really’ see it now, just one window?

  5. 9

    What a difference and they painted it a more neural color..hardly visible and seems to blend more now.

  6. 11

    I’m so glad the exterior of the house didn’t stay that dark, it was oppressive! It is wonderful how a little greenery can go such a long way though!

  7. 13

    A great transition from cloudy to sunshine! God bless, and good luck gardening, looking forward to more!~

    -Tony Salmeron

  8. 15

    Wendy said,

    i laugh out loud every time you mention the Deliverance house. It certainly looks a little more inviting!! Isn’t it interesting how the exterior of someone else’s else can impact your space and view so much?!

  9. 17

    Jean said,

    It also helps that they painted the building that nice light color. You must be feeling better about it.

  10. 19

    debsgarden said,

    They rebuilt it! Somehow I hoped it would stay a vacant lot. Still, it isn’t bad, especially with the trees. Your garden is really beginning to take shape!

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