Likin’ the Lichen*

I realize that this is not lichen, but some kind of bracket, fungus, but I am likin’ it.

When I returned to Kilbourne Grove from Barbados this spring, one of the tree stumps in the Flora Glade had become covered with brackets. I happen to think that they are very beautiful, lucky it is not my wine glass rest. We purposely had the other tree cut level(ish) when the tree blew down in a storm, just for that purpose.

See the big slice of tree trunk next to it, another casualty from a storm, but the perfect seat from which I can survey all the weeds.

 And that tree next to it, the next to go. There will certainly be no shortage of firewood whenever I want it.

(*This is a phrase we always used to use when I worked at East of Eliza, it described anything ‘woodsy’.)


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    paulinemulligan said,

    Beautiful bracket fungus, nature has some wonderful shapes doesn’t she! We’re the same as you, able to get all our firewood from the garden, lovely feeling isn’t it when the wood store is full!

    • 2

      Mother Nature is very clever. Ian can’t believe how much wood I go through when I am home, a fireplace was on the must list when we were looking for a house, now we have three.

  2. 3

    It’s lovely, Deborah. I wouldn’t want to cut that one down As for the others, maybe keep your seat and get rid of the bigger one – or is that your perch for your wineglass?

  3. 5

    Hi Deborah, As a child, I was always fascinated with these fan-shaped brackets. They make me think of sea shells. I think it must be there soft, slightly rippled edges that bring to mind the sea.
    I have my fingers crossed for your garden in this drought. Yesterday, I checked on a few shrubs on the far side of the house (where the hose does not reach) and they are on death’s door. The leaves are all shrivelled and droopy. I must fill a few buckets and see if I can bring them back from the brink.

  4. 9

    debsgarden said,

    I think these strange types of fungi are eerily beautiful. We have a couple of giant stumps, cut after the tornado in 1990, that are still in the process of decaying. It is fascinating to see all the life a stump supports, even in death.

  5. 11

    Barbara H. said,

    Pretty cool. You have a bench and will have to end tables flanking it! With a sculptural accent piece, to boot.

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