The Walled Kitchen Garden at Spindletree Gardens

Some of you may know that I already have a Kitchen Garden. It was the very first garden that we built at Kilbourne Grove.

It looked quite lonely in its sea of lawn. But it is the best thing I have ever did (gardening wise of course). Any time I get a plant I do not know what to do with, in it goes. Want to bulk up a perennial, in it goes. Cuttings?, in they go. Oh yeah, and I had herbs, and vegetables in it as well. (Notice the word had.)

I searched through all the photos I took this spring, this is the only one I can find of the Kitchen Garden, tell you anything?

But it is small, and certainly not as sunny as it used to be. Funny how trees keep growing, and as they do, more and more sun gets blocked out.  Right now, it is not to much of a problem, but once we are living at Kilbourne Grove full time, it will be. I want to grow a lot of fruit, veg and herbs, oh, and a few flowers for cutting as well. And it will not be big enough, or certainly sunny enough.

There are only three sunny areas in the whole garden. One is right behind the house. The last summer we were there I had my tomato towers set up, best tomatoes ever.

The second is the drive, can’t do much about that.

And the third, is what we call the Croquet Lawn.

This is the spot that I had earmarked in my mind for a pool. Sunny, flat, it would be perfect. Except, now we are talking about a sailboat, and perhaps a cottage. Not as much need for a pool if you have those.  So what else could I put in here?  What about a Kitchen Garden.

And this time, it would be done right, right from the start. No building boxes on the grass, and then trying to get rid of it. Strip the grass off right at the start, nice paths and raised beds.

So when I was at Spindletree Gardens in the spring, I took lots of photos of their lovely space.  It is beautiful, and surrounded by brick walls. 

 I certainly can’t afford that, but I could use,

box to edge the beds,

love how this looks,

pea gravel and brick for paths,

and obelisks for height.

How about a lovely decorative tool shed,

this one is built right into the fence, I am sure Ian could do that.

An arbour for growing cucumbers, beans, anything your heart desires.

No brick wall to espalier fruit tress, but what about step overs, or some kind of free standing espalier, I could do that.

But, I couldn’t duplicate this lovely walled view, but perhaps I could grow a hedge and cut a window into it.


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  1. 1

    Lovely photos and ideas – you certainly dream big !
    Love the sound of a hedge with a hole cut into it – we have lots of gardens featuring things like that in England sometimes with a mirror at the far side reflecting back!

    • 2

      Go big or go home, that is what my father always said, lol. I am sure that I got the idea of the window in the hedge from an english garden, as well as many of my other ideas.

  2. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    Hmmm, all that time in Barbados dreaming of Kilbourne Grove can be dangerous! Goodbye pool, hello work. Love how you dream so big – you are an inspiration.

  3. 5

    Natalie said,

    I agree with Jennie very lovely photos. It does look like gardens I have seen here in Britain. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your garden ideas 🙂

  4. 7

    OTH I see your trees have already covered the bottom row of windows. Looks as if the top row will be sorted once you are living there again!

  5. 9

    that is quite a grand and beautiful kitchen garden to spire to…love to see it come to fruition…like the idea of the hedge with a hole cut into it

  6. 11

    paulinemulligan said,

    Beautiful garden, lots to inspire but also lots of work with the box hedges. Do you have snails in Canada, they love to congregate in box hedges, ready to come out at night time and eat your veggies! It is a beautiful garden that you visited and I can see why you like it so much.

  7. 13

    Jean said,

    What a lovely vision for your new kitchen garden. I can see that you’ve got lots of projects planned (for Ian) to work on when you get back to living in Canada.

  8. 15

    sharon said,

    where is that garden??

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