My Passion for Peonies

Like a lot of bloggers, peonies are my favourite cut flower. I could not wait for peony season to start when I was a floral designer, I loved them so. And one of the great things about wholesale flowers was the peony season in New Zealand. As our seasons are the opposite, I got cut peonies twice a year.

A Garden Arrangment

Wow, this was taken back in 2009, when I first started blogging, my camera skills have improved since then.

So, I made sure to plant a number of peonies at Kilbourne Grove, (and I am still planting, this year I purchased 2 Itoh peonies, Kopper Kettle and Bartzella, and a species, peonia rockii).  Teza also gave me a fern leaf peony when I saw him in the spring for our legendary (in our own minds) trip to Lost Horizons.

There were 2 of the old-fashioned varieties at Kilbourne Grove when we purchased it, both double pinks, a light and a dark. You know, the kind that falls over in a rain, but oh so fragrant, and perfect for vases.  But when I purchase them, I look for anything from singles to a semi-double.

I have

 Do Tell,

See how much Pink Hawaiian Corals colour changes as it ages, crazy.

Pink Hawaiian Coral,

my Dads (unnamed) peony,

Coral N Gold, you can see how much it fades as well,

and a tree peony that I dug up from my parents house when my dad sold the property, an unknown pink.

These are the ones that I have photos for, unphotoed (is that even a word) include, Moon of Nippon, Raspberry Sundae, Edulis Superba, Shirley Temple and two  other tree peonies High Noon” and Shima-Nishiki or “Fire Flame. The last is also one that I dug up from my parents. In the four years since, I have never been at Kilbourne Grove when it has flowered, always arriving to see spent petals decorating the ground,

like this.

 Oh well, one day…

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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Peonies are such delightful flowers, so scrumptious, no wonder we all love them! Hopefully one day you will be at home when Fire Flame flowers and you will be able to enjoy it. Its good that you brought some from your parents garden, they must bring back happy memories when you see them.

  2. 3

    I’m a huge peony fan. In fact, in a previous life I was instrumental in starting the Peony Festival at the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens – over 350 varieties of peonies. Something for everyone. My dream is to get one of their “Coral Charms”. For now I have about 4 or 5 single white peonies – unnamed as they were on the property when we bought it.

    • 4

      I did not know that you started that Heather. I remember reading your posts about it for the last few years. I want to get there sometime, hopefully soon. Luvky you with the single whites, they sound gorgeous.

  3. 5

    PJ Girl said,

    I really must plant some more peonies… they are so lovely. Great photos x

  4. 7

    I only have 6 different peonies, including one Shirley Temple and one Sarah Bernhardt, and clearly that’s not enough. (Most come from “family gardens” and are unnamed but loved all the more for it.)

    Making posies or flower arrangements with peonies is always a treat; you just need a single flower and some attractive foliage, and suddenly you have a posy that looks like something that would cost 80$ in a florist…

    Out of all the peonies in you entry, the one I COVET (the Bible never said “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s peony”, right?) is the Coral ‘n’ Gold; it’s so delectably simple, yet very sensuous in its colouring. If roses are for love, peonies should be for voluptuousness and desire, I think.

  5. 9

    Marguerite said,

    so many blooms! I love that pink hawaian in all its shades. I’m a recent convert to peonies ever since we purchased our house. Like you, the house came with 3 pink double flowering peonies and a fourth which is a dark pink, almost red colour (looks a lot like your dads actually). Since seeing them come into bloom each year I can’t get enough. They are seriously magnificent flowers and I love the foliage as well.

  6. 11

    Peonies are beautiful old fashioned flower that brighten gardens in spring…you have many lovely ones here…

  7. 13

    debsgarden said,

    I have been in love with peonies since childhood. You have a marvelous collection! Only a handful of peonies do well this far south, and so far I haven’t developed a sunny spot for them. But someday I will, I hope!

    • 14

      Me too, my grandmother used to tie her first flower on my b’day present, so they have always signified something good to me! Maybe a tree peony will do better for you in the south?

  8. 15

    peonylady said,

    I love peonies! Upon discovering peonies among the victorian magazines, I look forward to “peony season”. My florist in San Diego sets aside 2 bundles of peonies each year for me.
    You have a good collection of peonies and the photographs are vivid.
    When we moved to Sequim, WA, USA – I started a Peony Farm (called Peony Farm!) and definitely indulged my passion for peonies. .

    • 16

      Lucky you, I would love to have a peony farm, wish I had more sun and space for them, well I could always remove the driveway, lol.
      Thak you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, hope to see you again soon.

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