ORGS Picnic

I know ORGS sounds like a disease, but it an acronym for the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society, obviously came up with it before the hardy plant was added in. I have been a member for many years, but really a silent member, I have not got to any meetings, not any of the open gardens, but when Barry Parker and David Leeman asked me if I wanted to go, I jumped at the idea.

Ian was still in Barbados, so I was foot loose and fancy free, (as the expression goes), and I certainly love garden visiting.  There were five open gardens on the tour this year, but I knew I could not make it to all of them, so I had to pick and choose. I certainly had to get back to Lilactree Farm, I promised you some pics of the species peonies, and there were certainly some other yummy plants in bloom as well.

A couple of gorgeous anemones, I shall have to look for those, I need lots of spring bloomers to welcome me when I return from Barbados,

I have become interested in Dodecatheon this year, purchased the hot pink at the ORGS sale in May, now I think I shall have to have the white as well.

Look at the way this hosta has seeded around, love it,

I wish I knew the variety of this primula, isn’t it gorgeous?

And this Arisaema, hope mine lives through the winter.

The next garden I visited is owned by one of the founding members of ORGS, and unfortunately, they are selling it and moving into a smaller place. That certainly happens to all gardeners as they age and the garden becomes overwhelming,  and is certainly something I am trying to keep in mind as I design new garden areas at Kilbourne Grove.

Built on the edge of a forest, there was certainly a lot of shade lovers for me to lust after.

Love the tiarella in the stone pot.

And these orchids, I know Teza would be envious.

But, my heart leapt into my throat when I spied this.

Primula heaven, oh to have a stream creeping through Kilbourne Grove, I lust after this planting.

After a fabulous lunch at the pub in Mono, I had to see the garden that David is looking after in Hockley.

There was certainly some amazing plants here, a mini arboretum has been started at the back of the property,

and Abies ‘Tigertail’ certainly caught my eye,

 look at the colour of the new growth.

Another lovely primula

 and this hepatica, heavenly blue.

This planting really appealed, the home owner did not know what variety Japanese Maple this is,

but the contrast with the variegated Cornus mas is wonderful,

and I really like the epemedium planted at their feet, I shall have to ask David what variety it is.

A quince is planted here, I have always wanted one, and look, 2 flowers, maybe quince jelly is in the future.

A serene cathedral filled with trees was a highlight at this garden,

 and I love the insect house that David built, it certainly is a work of art on its plinth.

I certainly added to my wish list throughout the day, and hope you will too.


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful gardens with us. My reaction was the same as yours when I saw the stream and candelabra primulas in the second garden, they are beautiful. A boggy area will do for them just as well, but the stream does look pretty. The pretty primula in your 3rd garden with purple on the backs of the petals and white in front looks very similar to one that I have, Primula sieboldii Summer Lace, lovely plant.

  2. 3

    Wow these are gorgeous gardens. I love the lady slipper orchid and would die for one…a native also here it is protected and very hard to find. That Abies is so unusual…had to keep going back through the pics…really stunning.

  3. 5

    PJ Girl said,

    What a great selection of plants – I especially love the Tiarella and primulas!

  4. 7

    Primula heaven!!! There’s something so magical and English about primulas. I was gifted some pretty yellow ones (variety unknown) this spring and they were a welcome site on a gloomy day. Thanks for sharing this visit.

  5. 9

    tezalizard said,

    I was hoping that you’d attend and there would be photos of the gardens, and my dear, you never disappoint! Indeed a wonderful selection of plant materials, and yes, those divine Cyps…..

  6. 11

    Marguerite said,

    Thanks for taking us on the tour. Those lady slippers are so lovely but I admit the tiarella poking out from the rock was my favourite. I wish my garden had more shade for such beauties.

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