A Passion for Peonies

When I was at Lilactree Farm a few weeks ago, I promised to show you some of Brian Bixleys species peonies when I returned for the ORGS picnic. It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, great for a picnic, but the poor peonies were a little weary with all the heat. I am not sure of all the varieties, so I shall just show you the photos.

But, by the end of the day,

fading, but still beautiful, (just like me, lol). 


Makes you want to grow a few, doesn’t it.


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    paulinemulligan said,

    Thats how I feel when it’s hot!! Our peonies are just about to open, they are so deliciously over the top, real stunners, that you forgive their flowers being so fleeting. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. 3

    Alberto said,

    One better than the other, they are simply beautiful, yes, even when they’re fading! I spotted molly the witch amongst them! 😉 Did you buy any?

  3. 5

    As I said in my recent post, I have peony envy. With just two little blooms on my tiny peony plants, it’s a tease for this peony lover. Now it’s rainy here, so what there is will surely be gone by the time these storms pass.

    • 6

      I got that rain as well Heather, but I find the singles or semi doubles stand up to it. I have a couple of old fashioned doubles, they are always laying on the ground, so I bring them inside.

  4. 7

    I have never seen such lovely different peonies…oh yes I would love to see a few in my garden…

  5. 9

    If I had a sunnier garden, I would have a larger peony collection, since there are so many beautiful varieties, making them fun to collect . Right now my peony is still at the bud stage, and I am still waiting to see and sniff the flowers.

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