Tee Hee, I’m Three!

What, another year gone! Where does the time go?

My Dads ponies, three, soon to be four.

Starting this blog was such a great thing for me. Not only is it a garden journal, (now that I am in Barbados, a life journal as well), but it has given me the privilege of getting to meet all of you. Blogging has become the pen pals of today, and I am blessed with so many wonderful ones, not only far away ones, but getting to meet closer ones as well. Thank you for three wonderful years, and here is to four.

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  1. 1


    Your life in Barbados seems to bring some sunshine into my life on grey, rainy days…

  2. 3

    paulinemulligan said,

    Have really enjoyed your blog for the 2 yrs I have been blogging, here’s to many more!

  3. 5

    Barbara H. said,

    Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah! It was a great day when I discovered your blog. Keep on writing…

  4. 7

    Congratulations! Your blog is always the first one I look to for gardening inspiration. Well done. Here’s to another year of great writing and building friendships – the best part of blogging.

  5. 9

    Barry P. said,

    Congrats! Looking forward to many more years of good reading.

  6. 13

    Happy anniversary! The garden is looking great in your last post. Hard to believe that it is only a few years in the making.

  7. 15

    Happy third anniversary…what a great accomplishment…the blog and all the friends!

  8. 17

    tezalizard said,

    Dearest D:
    You mean you’re finished with the ‘terribly delightful’ two’s and are moving upward and onward? How blase! It has been a pleasure following the antics and escapades not only at KG but also in the sunnier climes of Barbados! Here’s to a few decades more!

  9. 19

    lynne said,

    Congratulations 🙂 I may not always comment (usually when I’m reading my favourite blogs on the run – which is often!) but I read each and every one and enjoy them all.

    • 20

      Thank you Lyne. I know how you feel, I find the internet very slow in Barbados, so commenting has become a bit of a pain, but I appreciate you visiting, you have been with me for a very long time.

  10. 21

    catmint said,

    happy blog-birthday.

  11. 23

    Alistair said,

    Congratulations on being three. I am six in blogging years and only one and a half in blotanical ones. I feel like I share your enthusiasm and look forward to my visits to your part of the world.

  12. 25

    Jean said,

    Happy Blogaversary, Deborah Jean!

  13. 27

    Marguerite said,

    Congratulations and happy blogday! I absolutely ADORE ponies and these guys are no exception. What a delightful trio of sweet faces.

  14. 29

    Paul Jung said,

    Keep on blogging Deborah and congratulations!

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