Hellebores on Parade

This may be old hat to you, but since I have only seen my hellebores flower since I have been home, (aprox 3 weeks), they are still new and exciting to me. And when I was at Barrys last week, I purchased a new one.  All of the ones that I am going to show you were just purchased last year, so I was pleased to see not only flowers when I arrived home, but also the plants bulking up slightly.

This is my newest, Helleborus ‘Silver Dollar’.

Helleborus ‘Silver Dollar’

Barry has had a Hellebore Sale at his garden the last 2 years, and I do not know why this one did not sell. Look at it, not only are the flowers lovely,

Helleborus ‘Silver Dollar’

but those leaves, oh my. They are gorgeous! I could not even care if it flowered, (although I am happy to see them), I would grow it just for the leaves alone.

Leading off on the catwalk,

Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’

Helleborus ‘Pink Frost’, another variety, with wonderful leaves, although more muted compared to ‘Silver Dollar’.

Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’

Next up, the lovely, and very popular ‘Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’.

Helleborus ‘Golden Lotus’

Followed, by that gorgeous, and slightly rarer Helleborus ‘Golden Lotus’. Look at that dark one hiding behind.

Rounding out the newest and most popular varieties, are some old standbys,

Helleborus ‘Heritage Strain’

Heritage Strain,

Helleborus ‘Red Lady Spotted’

Red Lady Spotted,

Helleborus ‘Red Lady’

And this is another Red Lady, spotted according to her tag, but obviously not. Love the contrast of this with Golden Lotus.

So, which one is your favourite?

If you want to read about my older ones, you can do so here.

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  1. 1

    Barbara H. said,

    Silver Dollar leads for me, but they are all lovely. My four plants, two still in the nursery pots, are unnamed. The two new ones were not in flower, so it will be fun to see what I have next year. As I scroll back up to look again, it’s Silver Dollar by a nose. Love Ivory Prince a lot, too. I guess my favorite is whichever one I am looking at!

    • 2

      I just love the leaves on Silver Follar. I was given a dozen hellebore seedlings last year, I am also looking forward to the surprise their flowering will bring.

  2. 3

    I love the Red Lady Spotted (the light one) because it ties all the others together with it’s variegation. Lovely “fashion” show, Deborah

  3. 5

    Laurrie said,

    What a nice collection you have! I like the tall upward facing Pink Frost — subtle but a little bold, if that can be : )

  4. 7

    paulinemulligan said,

    Your Silver Dollar is beautiful, with stunning leaves, what a super plant! Your other Hellebore flowers are lovely, which hellebore isn’t?! So glad they waited for you to come home before flowering.

  5. 9

    The hellebores are lovely…mine are just now fading…they were blooming for months.

  6. 11

    I so AGREE re Silver Dollar! I would definitely grow it for the leaves alone. I have 18 different Hellebores, but not Silver Dollar and will start hunting. Of course, here on the West Coast, I am well into cutting off the finished blooms and giving a mild organic fertilizer to help foliage growth and next year’s blooms.

  7. 13

    Alistair said,

    Great selection of Hellebores, like Donna ours are also all but over. Before I even read what you had to say, the leaves of Silver Dollar really caught my eye.

  8. 15

    Carol Flett said,

    I love love love all your hellebores collection, but especially the ones that look straight out at you.

  9. 17

    tezalizard said,

    I am most impressed with your Helleborus collection, and am impressed to see that you remain faithful to the single as well as double flowering species – I fell for the ‘Winter Jewel Series’ from Marietta O’Byrne but was burned this Spring with the early growth and then killing frosts. H.sternii ‘Silver Dollar’ – mulch this one heavily as they [and here I speak of H.sternii in general] have never over wintered here for me! [Z6-9 according to most] It does have stunning foliage for sure! Hope your time at KG is filling you and the gardens with happiness!

  10. 19

    Jean said,

    They are beautiful, Deborah. I just bought my first ever hellebores from a local nursery this week; now I’m really psyched to get them in the ground!

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