It Could Have Been Worse…

Just before I left for Toronto to stay with Barry Parker, (and admire his fabulous garden), they started adding the outside to the Deliverance house.

And when I arrived home, it was all finished.

It actually blends in quite well, almost ‘dirt’ coloured, so I am hoping when the trees leaf out that it will not be too noticeable.

Now, I am just wondering what will happen with the sliding doors…


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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    I have to admit, it does look a lot better than before, it blends in with the bare trees behind it. Your trees will certainly help to disguise it when they get their leaves, maybe they will plant some trees along the boundary, you never know!!

  2. 3

    Alberto said,

    You know what? I really like it. I know you probably wish you had a view on an open field, but unfortunately we can’t chose what our neighbors do in their properties. And yes: it could have been A LOT worse!

  3. 5

    Brenda said,

    It is starting to look much nicer – maybe a gardener will move in or you could work with them on a design and add trees to their side of the property : )

  4. 7

    You’re right, it’s better. Once you get some screening in you’ll hardly notice it. The sad news is that I see a deck in the future.

  5. 9

    Barbara H. said,

    I’m holding the thought that they will be landscaping for the privacy of those who will be living there. If your yard is on view to them, the reverse is true, too. And there is a lot of glass that offers views to the inside. Maybe the deck will be high enough to be screened when the trees leaf out. The exterior looks pretty good – better than the light colored vinyl siding that I was afraid they might put up. It’s in transition, so keep the thoughts positive to get what you want in terms of neighbors. Don’t go into the fear!

  6. 11

    I remember the original house, and have to say, although the facade seems a little imposing, I think it’s a vast improvement, and at least it’s a natural looking material. I am curious about that sliding door though. If it was destined to open onto a balcony, I’d think that structure would have to have been built before they faced the wall in stone.

  7. 15

    tezalizard said,

    Luckily you had Barry’s garden to take your mind off of the potential for a balcony or whatever they have in mind. Is this one house, or will it be a duplex [two sliding doors,correct?] Perhaps it [they] too will surprise you…. the brick is rather attractive. See you Sunday!

  8. 17

    well if you have to have something behind you, at least it does look better…hurry up trees!

  9. 19

    jess said,

    Yeah, that thing totally could have been red or blue…

  10. 21

    Marguerite said,

    actually that looks pretty darn good considering the alternatives.

  11. 23

    1960gerrard said,

    well if there is a deck off the sliding doors you could always hope for banjo music :p

  12. 25

    Wendy said,

    ha ha! i’m glad I stumbled upona deliverance house update. It looks huge!

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