What a Difference a Year Makes

When I was looking at my photos from last April, I realized there was quite a difference (approx 3 weeks) between where the garden was in April 2011 and April 2112.  So I thought that I would share a few with you.

The Allee

The Allee 2011

The Allee 2012

You can see how much larger the helleborus are this year, finally bulking up, and I found a few seedlings when I was weeding, yay!

Flora Glade

Flora Glade 2011

Flora Glade 2012

Usually I coppice these willows, but they (obviously) started leafing out really early this spring. I think I might leave them alone this year and see how they look in the fall.

Flora Glade 2011

Flora Glade 2012

Hmmm, do not know what to say, but the big difference (to me) is the path. You can see where I filled it in on the left hand side ,and (hopefully) you can see a bit of an opening on the right hand side now. Last fall I moved all the shrubs/perennials that were in the way. I was just waiting for the bulbs to come up, and they will be moved on this visit, and (hopefully) the path gravelled.

Flora Glade 2011

Flora Glade 2012

This is the bed where my mums memorial tree is, last year was the first time the Cornus kousa flowered, hopefully it will again this year.

Lime Walk

Lime Walk 2011

Well other than the muscari are all flowering earlier this year, I think you can see the other change here, lol.


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  1. 1

    Barbara H. said,

    Yes, get busy with the fertilizer! But wow, Deborah, every thing is looking good! It’s really beginning to fill in, isn’t it? It’s always so amazing to look at pictures from different years and see how far along everything has come.

  2. 3

    spurge said,

    Wow, you can really see the difference between the years by comparing those photos. Odd year 2012, isn’t it? Your garden looks lovely.

  3. 5

    Laurrie said,

    It’s interesting to see the differences year over year. I keep a detailed journal and it is amazing how the emergence of spring varies so much between years. And the maturing plants in a new garden behave so differently each year that they grow too. Fascinating!

  4. 7

    tezalizard said,

    A year through the eyes of one who is not there every day must also be quite a sight to behold. I can see great strides towards the vision you had when you first moved to KG. Of course that monstrosity in yhr final photo….. one day those cedars will totally mask its presence. Speaking of eyesores, I have one that needs immediate attention but find that time is not on my side this year with business booming a month ahead of schedule. I love that we can now view the garden from year to year, makes it so much easier to critique and plan how to shake things up a bit!

  5. 9

    Wow – it is such a strange year in the garden. I’m away for a few days and can’t wait to see how things have changed when I get home on Sunday. It must be amazing to see the differences when you only visit once in a while.

  6. 11

    Love seeing the difference with each passing year, glad you shared!

  7. 13

    paulinemulligan said,

    Such a difference, everything has filled out so much in just a year.Your garden is looking so good considering you are away most of the time.The garden here is about a month behind last year, maybe it will catch up later.

    • 14

      Thanks Pauline, I extended my trip 10 days this spring, hoping to see my peonies, with the garden being so far ahead, that shouldn’t be a problem this year.

  8. 15

    Marguerite said,

    I know that big old house is a distraction but gosh darn if that lime walk isn’t a sight to see. I adore the muscari and line of trees leading your eye down. Just let that evergreen hedge grow in and put a fountain at the end and no one will be the wiser.

    • 16

      I had been thinking statue, but a fountain would be lovely as well. I love my Lime Walk, it certainly makes doing the dishes more pleasant as this is my view from the sink.

  9. 17

    jessiegoes said,

    Love love love the grass path. Hoping that behemoth will look a lot less eyecatching once the thing isn’t black and has some siding on it.

  10. 19

    Lovely transformations, it’s so much fun to watch gardens develop. 🙂

  11. 21

    Hi Deborah, How interesting to see the differences from one year to the next. (That is one of the great things about blogging, you can look back in time.) As I remember it, last year spring was delayed, and this year it was impossibly early, although mid-April saw a return to cool weather. Your garden is coming along nicely. I am so glad that a least one snowdrop greeted your arrival and a very pretty one at that.

  12. 23

    Anna said,

    Interesting to see how much further on everything is Deborah. I am wondering whether there was a warm spell in March like we had on this side of the pond. Delighted to hear that you have finally met up with a gentleman blogger of mutual acquaintance 🙂

    • 24

      There was a warm spell Anna, I think it was warmer in Canada then it was in Barbados! Such fun meeting Teza, I am sure anyone listening to our conversations would have thought we were crazy.

  13. 25

    deborahelliott said,

    I enjoy seeing shots taken from year to year! It is fun to see the changes and progress. Your garden is really taking shape! I am loving the lime walk!

  14. 27

    I noticed similar differences from 2011 when I was home in Maine at the end of April doing spring clean-up. What a difference a year makes, indeed!

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