Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a funny old thing. As a gardener, I should be used to it. But, it seems like I am not. I know that I can’t count on her. Many,many years ago,  I planted a thousand white tulips, innocently thinking they would flower in time for our wedding and I could go out and pick them that morning/week.  My mother faithfully reported to me every year, when they started flowering. For over 10 years, it was never on our anniversary. Finally they petered out, luckily our marriage hasn’t, lol.

As, I am sure you all know, (I do go on and on about it), snowdrops are my absolute favourite flower. And I base my whole trip home from Barbados, hoping to see them in flower. Last year, I arrived home to this,

and this,

Notice the snow? And the snowdrops?

 And this year, this is what I arrived to.

Mother Nature, she always has the last laugh.


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  1. 1

    And now it’s so cold I’m afraid everything will be frost burnt (again). Hopefully you’ll get some blooms before you leave. It’s been a crazy year and the farmers are saying that they are 6 weeks ahead of schedule (at least till this last blast of winter).

  2. 2

    paulinemulligan said,

    I think Mother Nature just thought that you would like to see different flowers this time ! Seriously, no two years are ever the same, it all depends on the temperature and I’ve found this winter, the amount of rain that we get over the winter months.Hope there will be plenty of other flowers for you to enjoy this time.

  3. 3

    Gardening brings a sense of excitement to Life! (At least when you watch weather forecasts…)

    • 4

      I have been constantly disappointed or amazed the last few weeks. Barbados is such a consistent temperature, I forgot what spring was like, all the ups and downs.

      • 5

        Spring is a roller coaster! On Thursday evening I was sitting outside in shorts and T-shirt, and then on Friday evening I was worried about possible frost damage to my dahlias…

  4. 6

    sorry the snowdrops bloomed before you could see many of them…now the snow is blooming here with all the flowers

  5. 8

    David Leeman said,

    I’m just leaving DC with a spring summer mix that is unbelievable…..their weather too messed up ……a fantastic gardening city….lots of inspiration….don’t fret you’re not alone with the frustrations of the seasons…..

  6. 10

    Marguerite said,

    You missed the snowdrops but your garden looks wonderful. I’m amazed it isn’t taken over with weeds during your absence.

  7. 12

    Alberto said,

    I guess mother nature is more disappointed by us than the way around. I think that if the weather is so weird it’s our fault, mother nature just tries to react her way. We had a march that could have been may and an april that could have been february… crazy crazy I’m still going around with a leather jacket and in 2011 I was in shorts by now!

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