Why did you not wait for me? Do you not realize that I spend all winter thinking about you? Is it me? I tell people all the time you are my favourite.

Why were you so nice to the other girls in March, but never for me when I was around? Why do you blow hot and cold? Sooo hot one day, then the big freeze.

How am I going to count all my snowdrops a la VP?

And I want to start counting my daffodils like Beangenie, I sooo want.


Please, please wait for me!

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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Really hope that Spring is waiting for you when you get home, nothing quite matches the freshness that the early flowers bring!

  2. 3

    Alberto said,

    Do you really want to count your flowers? I’m looking forward to stop counting them instead! I want countless daffodills and infinite narcissus! 🙂 Spring started running but at the time it seems to have stopped around here, it’s sooo cold these latter days!

  3. 5

    When do you come, Deborah? If it’s in the next couple of weeks, you should be okay as spring has held in Ontario after the warm spell. My daffodils are still blooming and the tulips are just opening and I’m in zone 6b, so you should be good. Fingers crossed.

  4. 7

    Deborah,The good news is that spring seems a bit stalled after the March heat wave we enjoyed here in Ontario. The Easter weekend was sunny, but downright breezy and cool. The real hold-up however, seems to be the lack of rainfall. The garden seems to be bidding its time, waiting for those April showers before it promises May flowers.

  5. 9

    with the cold snap perhaps some will be waiting to greet you …fingers crossed!

  6. 11

    We’ve been thrown headlong back into winter here this week. There’s hope!

  7. 13

    Deborah, your snowdrops might have passed, but the weatherman might have stalled your daffodils. Hope you get to enjoy ’em!

  8. 15

    kate said,

    Go for the daffodil counting – but you may be readying yourself for heartbreak… this isn’t a good year and numbers are down. If I didn’t count I wouldn’t know that and I’d be happy with what I’ve got!

    How VP manages to count snowdrops I do not know….

  9. 17

    Katarina said,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I do hope Spring will be there for you!

  10. 19

    Anna said,

    Hope that spring is considerate enough to wait for your arrival Deborah. I am still waiting for VP to share her snowdrop counting technique as I don’t know how she does it 🙂 Here spring has got confused with March and April seemingly swapping over places. We don’t know where we are and neither do the plants.

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