Just so cool…

At least, I think so.

Look what I got when we were in San Juan. There was certainly a lot of great shopping when we were here, (ask Ian about the Ralph Lauren),  but I wanted this instead of clothes.  I could visualize it on the terrace in Barbados, and it will look lovely on our porch at Kilbourne Grove as well one day.

I want it right here!

It is a wind chime, although it doesn’t make any noise (I am sure our neighbours are grateful), but it is mesmerizing as it twirls and spins with the slightest bit of air.

A bit of a nightmare carrying it back to the ship, very heavy and awkward.

But it looks soooo lovely here,

 either coming,

or going.



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  1. 1

    paulinemulligan said,

    Fantastic, I’m not surprised you fell for its charms!!!

  2. 3

    It is lovely on your porch…great purchase!

  3. 5

    It looks so beautiful on your tropical porch. I can just feel the island breezes now.

  4. 7

    Ute Durrell said,

    I LOVE it … Simply beautifil!!!

  5. 9

    I hate wind chimes with a vengeance, but if yours doesn’t make noise then I’d classify it as a “mobile”, and that takes it into pleasant, contemplative territory! It looks lovely, and it fits perfectly on that exotic porch – and is probably “neutral” enough to translate into a less tropic setting.

  6. 11

    Mario said,

    That was a good find. Your placement is perfect!

  7. 13

    lynne said,

    I absolutely love it.
    I used to have a shell mobile many years ago until some roaring winds shattered the shells against each other and it was ruined. It gave off just the tiniest tinkly sounds – not even loud enough to be heard several feet away, let alone by the neighbours – but pleasing when sipping a drink close by.

  8. 15

    Alberto said,

    Hey that swirly thing is stunning! Your porch is beautiful too, I like the timber beams and the almost total white. It’s such a shame it doesn’t produce ANY noise but it’s better than MUCH noise!

    • 16

      Thanks Alberto, the wood is always painted here, untreated wood attracts termites, so there is some kind of paint wash put on, very Bajan. The tree frogs certainly provide enough noise to make up for it.

  9. 17

    I just love the porch too. I want to sit there with a pina colada.

  10. 19

    Barbara H. said,

    Very stunning and a great find. I know you gave us a photo tour when you first moved to Barbados, but that was a long time ago. I love the arched doors and the whole porch – it looks like a wonderful place to relax.

  11. 21

    Wendy said,

    oh wow, that looks soooooo perfect there! i love it.

  12. 23

    I agree it looks perfect there, and it will be a lovely memory to carry home to Kilbourne Grove too 🙂

  13. 25

    I love it and would have bought it too. The placement is perfect and it transforms the porch completely – bet you find it hard to imagine it not there by now.

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