Cruisin’ to St. Maarten

I was really looking forward to visiting St. Maarten, as it was the only the one island on the cruise that was not either a U.S. or U.K. affiliate. St. Maarten/St. Martin is the smallest territory in the world that is shared by two countries, St. Maarten by the Netherlands, and St. Martin by France. The cruise ship docked in Philipsburg, the capital of St. Maarten. Philipsburg is on a sandbar, located between the Great Bay to the south and the Great Salt Pond to the north. You can see it is a popular port,

look at this sailing ship, it was certainly giving Ian ideas.

And then another cruise ship was docking as we were heading into town.

By now, we were a bit tired,

 and decided just to spend the day in Philisburg. I am sure that down the road I will regret not making an effort to see St. Martin while we were there, but it was a holiday, so some relaxing was in order. And as a duty free port, Ian felt it was his duty to partake in a bit of retail therapy.

Just off the wharf is another ‘village’ of shops for those passengers who do not feel like heading into town, but we were made of sterner stuff, and scoffing at the idea of taking a taxi, we started walking. 

 Passed this cannon on the way, seems every island has them.

A boardwalk runs along the beach of Great Bay,

The Boardwalk

The beach on the other side of the boardwalk!

 and a multitude of alleyways or

 steegjes  run between it, and Front Street, which is the main shopping street in Philipsburg. 

 Front Street is lovely cobblestones and certainly has a lot of expensive stores,

 hard to keep Ian out of them!

 Such wonderful buildings, very well maintained.

There was a bit of excitement while we were walking around and a parade went past,

 by the time I got my camera in gear, they were already gone, no idea what the reason was,

 but it was all children, so cute.

Obviously, we needed a rest and the worlds smallest bar beckoned us to have a pint or two.

Next stop, San Juan, Puerto Rico…



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  1. 1

    What a wonderful place to add to the list…

  2. 3

    We were in St. Martin in October and really enjoyed our trip around the island – bought a beautiful tablecloth in Marigot on the French side and saw the naked beach (nothing unusual there). Actually didn’t spend any time in Philipsburg itself – looks like it was a nice way to spend your day though.

  3. 5

    Marguerite said,

    That line up of chairs and umbrellas at the waters edge is calling me. Not sure how you made it so far, I would have collapsed into one of those immediately and forgotten completely about shopping.

  4. 7

    cobblehillgarden said,

    What I remember about visiting St. Maarten years ago was buying a bottle – on the French side – of their ‘famous’ liqueur. I got it home and opened it for some occasion and it tasted like cough syrup! Really awful. But I also remember looking out of the tour bus and thinking ‘Now I could live here!’ Lucky you…………

  5. 9

    paulinemulligan said,

    What an amazing trip, another island to add to your list. I could feel the heat coming from your photos, how high was the temperature?!

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