Cruisin’ to St. Kitts

This is a very special island for Ian and I.

 A couple of weeks after we got engaged, we flew to St. Kitts for our first vacation together, and that was 25 years ago, this year, (OMG, I am certainly dating myself).

So, it was very nice to return here, but we wanted to see and do different stuff to last time, which included hiking up and into the volcanic cone of Mt. Liamuiga. So we signed up for the Rail and Sea excursion.  St. Kitts has the last working train in the West Indies.

 Originally built between 1912 and 1926, this railway, called ‘The Sugar Train’,  was once used to transport sugarcane, but now transports visitors along the coastline of St. Kitts. 

Double deck cars give you the choice of sitting up top in the open air, or downstairs in the air. Well of course, we sat up top. It was wonderful to sit in comfort (and the free drinks certainly helped) as we viewed the scenery, while traveling around the coastline of the island.

Darn hydro lines!

Gorgeous churches,

black sand beaches,

 and quite a few abandoned windmills and chimneys, provided picturesque sights on the way.

The bridges were a little scary

 don’t look down. Another interesting idea is the ‘cuttings’,

 as the train did not have enough power to run uphill, hills were ‘cut’ through, and all by hand, that must have taken forever.

A catamaran waited for us near the Brimstone Hill Fortress, (another attraction we visited on our first trip),

we had a wonderful view of it as we sailed past.

Arriving back at Basseterre, we had a look through Port Zante, an open air shopping ‘mall’ between the ocean and the old city.

Wonderful curved building

 We also walked through Brasseterre enjoying some of the interesting architecture.

I am not sure how I feel about this,

 Ian hates it, feels the monkeys should be in the wild, but they sure are cute

 look at these guys with their St. Kitts t-shirts.

Next stop, St. Maarten…


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  1. 1

    travelingmad said,

    Great post and really nice photos. This makes me want to take a trip back to St. Kitts myself. I’ve been there once. I too went via cruise. It was beautiful. I still get complimented today on some of the jewelry I bought there.
    Merci for sharing and Bon Voyage!

  2. 3

    Love the idea of travelling around an island by train – when we were in St. Martin recently we took a van around the island – not quite the same, but enjoyable nevertheless.

    Hope the rest of your cruise is just as wonderful.

  3. 5

    Alberto said,

    This is an amazing holiday you are having! You make me feel like packing my stuff and leaving…
    I watched your amelanchier allee in previous posts, it’s nice and in a good position as you walk there to the veggie garden and you can pick up some berries if birds leave something for you too… 🙂

    • 6

      It IS wonderful, except they are having a very early spring in Canada, and I feel like I am missing out. I will probably miss the snowdrops, hope my amelanchiers don’t flower before I get home.

  4. 7

    Reed Russell said,

    yes you are young lady !
    the snow drops are already in their second week here and all 300 of the tulips i crammed into two beds on my 20 foot wide front yard in the true east of eliza- if you think there are enough, jam in some more ’cause what the hell i shop wholesale tradition!- are poking their little rosy tipped noses up and i planted ’em deep cause i wanted to foil the squirrels last fall
    i have also seen eranthis and scilla and dutch reticulated iris and species crocus fully out and a big fat bumble bee on the flat of priumula that i set out to bask in the backyard today
    BUT you and i both know we will still have a freeze or two and some wet snow
    miss you miss d especially when the gardens are waking up
    hope you make it back for the amalenchiers!

    • 8

      I don’t know if you are aware, but this autumn it will be 20 years ago that I started working for you, how time flies. Can’t wait to get back and see everything arising from its sleep.

  5. 9

    How beautiful – have never been there. I could have never, ever, ever crossed that bridge on that train….no way! You are very brave. The island does not look so commercialised and very picturesque. I agree with Ian wholeheartedly about the monkies…..why can’t they let creatures live their natural lives. I hate it.

    Thanks for the great pics and update. St Maarten sounds idealic…cannot wait. You are making me want a vacation to the Caribbean!

    • 10

      I was certainly not aware of the bridge until we were right yp to it, then too late, however I am usually not scared of heights. I think it is time you got back to the Caribbean, I am sure you would see a lot of changes in Barbados.

  6. 11

    That early spring is here in central NY as well. Lots blooming but so far it is not too fast. I love that open train ride…what a excursion you are having…lots for me to think about for vacations!!

  7. 13

    Alistair said,

    Brilliant, and such a fantastic way to take in the scenery. I know for a fact Myra would have to be sedated before crossing the bridges.

  8. 15

    Marguerite said,

    What a wonderful trip on the train, the picture of the sails is gorgeous. And how lucky to be able to revisit a very memorable destination from your past.

  9. 17

    debsgarden said,

    Thanks for sharing your trip! I got a little breathless looking down over that rickety bridge! St. Kitts is a lovely island. When I see ruins, like the abandoned structures covered with greenery, I always wonder about the history and end up inventing stories for them!

  10. 19

    Barbara H. said,

    I’m coming late to the party (overwhelmed by all the weeds in my garden & yard – not that I’m weeding much, just feeling overwhelmed) and first of all, congratulations on the 25 years – that’s worth celebrating! Just read this post and the previous one – it’s so amazing that these small islands have so much to see. Thanks for being such a great tour guide!

  11. 21

    paulinemulligan said,

    Lovely scenery and what a fantastic blue sky! My railway fanatic husband tells me that your railway line was a circular route at one time that took 4 hrs to complete the journey, too long for the cruise ships so they closed half of it and now just use the scenic half! Glad you enjoyed it. Wait until you can talk about going out with each other for 50 yrs, – we had our ” 50th going out ” anniversary last November!!

    • 22

      Pauline, thank you (and your husband) for the info on the train, we were certainly in the scenic part. And congrats on your ’50’, I am sure our next 25 will fly be even faster.

  12. 23

    Looks like an amazing trip! Love the view of the beach.

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