Paradise Island

Paradise Island is directly on the other side of Nassau, and there is not only two bridges linking these two islands, but also ferries run back and forth for only $4.00. Ian and I love any excuse to get out on the water, so of course we were excited to take it over to Paradise Island. Back in the day, Paradise Island used to be known as Hog Island, but the heir to the A & P fortune, purchased it in 1959 and started developing it as a playground for the rich and famous.

I think its biggest claim to fame nowadays  is the Atlantis Hotel.

Although some people feel it is very Las Vegas,

Ian decided it is a Disney Land for adults. 

 Probably anything you wanted to do, this hotel will provide, including a casino to gamble away your souvenir money.

The architecture is amazing.

You could purchase day passes to use all the facilities, but we contented ourselves with taking photos.

However, there was certainly time to check out the casino, (but of course not gamble, lol).  The entrance to the casino is marked by the Crystal Gate by Dale Chihuly.


Look at these amazing sculptures also by glass artist Dale Chihuly. 

I don’t know if this one is by Dale Chihuly, but I love it.

And these were the guards as we were leaving the casino.

They might not have been to happy as we were leaving with the Mills family fortune intact, lol.

Next post, another garden in Paradise…


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  1. 1

    Love it all for its sheer vulgarity!
    The glass sculptures are extraordinary.
    Thanks and Best

  2. 3

    Brenda said,

    Thank you for the tour! I really like the octopus sculpture – whimsical yet beautiful at the same time…and of course the skies are blue and the ocean looks so inviting – very nice!


  3. 5

    It really is a opulent place, even the name.

  4. 7

    I agree it does look like Disney for adults…stunning sculpture…would be fun to play with someone else’s money 🙂

  5. 9

    As you say, definitely Disney land for adults!! Love the glass sculptures, they are really something else! Seeing all these places through your eyes is almost as good as being there!

  6. 11

    The architecture echoes Canal Walk shopping mall at Century City on the edge of Cape Town, tho ours is Italianate Disney.

  7. 13

    Great pictures of a fantastic place! did you see the turtle pond? One of my favorite spots ( I love turtles!)

    • 14

      Grrr, I missed that. I love turtles as well, the catamarans in Barbados will take you to swim with them. Got hip checked last time by a turtle when I got between him and his food, lol.

  8. 15

    Patty said,

    There is something attractive about the place despite its Disney-like appearance. The Chihuly pieces are amazing. I am a fan of his since a trip to San Francisco many years ago, where his glass was everywhere. The last time I saw some of his work was last April at the Belagio Hotel in Vegas.

  9. 17

    I am with Ian—it looks exactly like the overdone hotels at Disney World.

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