Garden Visits: Keppel Croft

Wow, I found another garden that I am full of admiration for, and the best thing, it is very close to Kilbourne Grove. That means I can visit it at different times of the year, and steal get lots of ideas from it, and not just on plant material. The owners, of Keppel Croft, Bill and Dawn Loney, are masters at not only gardening, but hardscaping, potscaping and all kinds of artscaping! I took over 200 photos when I visited, so many great ideas, I will have to break up my visit in a number of posts.

The Loneys started their garden in 1977 when they moved to Wiarton from the Arctic. At that time, it was 4 acres of (mostly) empty fields with only a house and a few plants on it. They had no plan for the garden, it just gradually evolved, and is still evolving.  Their garden is located on a bed of gravel/rock. Every time something is planted, a pickaxe is needed, and more stones are found, lots of these are used to mulch beds, and create paths.

You walk through this gorgeous gazebo to the rock garden, and yes, shouldn’t everyone have a chandelier outside. I know we had one on our porch in Kingston, and are just waiting till we stumble across a cheap one for Kilbourne Grove.

They use large swaths of plants to fill and highlight art installations.

Another gazebo leads you along the path.

I like the raised water feature on the terrace by the house. I wonder if Ian could build one.

Great use for all the thousands millions of rocks that they dig up on a daily basis.

The path into the woodland walk.

Have a seat and rest, there is still lots to see.

The walk through the woods was very interesting, lots of art installations, which I thought was very unusual, but loved.

You all know how I feel about an allee, love the light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait till mine achieves this effect.

He does all his own concrete work, I shall have to see if there are any workshops.

The rock garden.

My favourite spot, we all know I am a sucker for a formal space.

There is still lots to see…

Ooops, I forgot to give the link to Keppel Crofts website, please do go visit, lots of interesting stories.


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  1. 1

    Stunning, breathtaking, there is so much here that I can relate to, bits of formality, woodland walks and the artwork and sculptures. What a fantastic garden, really looking forward to your next posts about it, thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. 3

    I like that last formal space. Structured, but not fussy. Allowed to be comfortable.

  3. 5

    what a great garden. And the concrete work is outstanding. Love the lawn with the curly cues set in.

  4. 7

    Love the curlicues in the lawn. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  5. 9

    debsgarden said,

    Oh, my goodness! What a great garden. The blue and white birdhouse immediately caught my attention. You are right, this is a garden one can steal ideas from, excuse me, be inspired by!

  6. 11

    […] I especially like the stone balls. I remember reading Frances post on making them, perhaps this summer I will finally get to it, now I have even more inspiration. If you missed the first part of my story about Keppel Croft, you can read about it here. […]

  7. 12

    […] you want to read more about my visit to Keppel Croft, you can read about it here, about their art installations here, and their amazing pots […]

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