Oh Yes, It was Out of Control

How I spent my summer vacation,… on my hands and knees.

Yikes, hard to see all my freshly applied gravel

Due to a bit of a misunderstanding with the gentleman who cuts my lawn, it didn’t get done. Rather it did, but only twice all summer. My neighbour across the street cut the front lawn a couple of time, but the back became a hayfield I mean meadow. So the approx 23,942, 602 dandelions that populate my grass all went to seed. And what happened to them?  They saw my lovely, undisturbed garden, and thought ‘What a great place to set down roots’.

I was (mostly) happy with how the garden came through the summer, with a couple of exceptions that I shall tell you about later. But, the weeds, they were crazy.

Luckily, I actually enjoy weeding. And without Ian there to bug me, I headed out every day and weeded for a few hours. I finally finished (with a green garbage bag full of dandelion roots) just in time to head back to Barbados.

But it looks fabulous now!

Too bad I didn’t think to take a photo and preserve the memory!


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  1. 1

    Oh, Deborah, I feel for you, such a shame after all your hard work when you were home last time. You have now sorted it all, so hopefully it is getting to be too cold for the weeds to grow again and soon your garden will be covered with snow, that should sort them out!!

    • 2

      Snow sorts all my plants/weeds out one way or another, lol. It was a bit disappointing how much time the weeding took, not enough time to add any new garden beds, not that I should do that while I am away, smile…

  2. 3

    Forgot to say ,” welcome back”, I have missed your posts !!

  3. 5

    gagarden said,

    Oh my. I remember when the paths were freshly graveled. Too bad the instructions for care got so warbled. Like Pauline said, the snow is on the way.

  4. 7

    Barbara H. said,

    The good thing about huge weeds is that you immediately see great improvement when they have been pulled! It can be a meditative act leading to changes, improvements or just a satisfying sit down while taking a rest from the never ending activity of weed pulling. And yes, the best thing about winter is it slows down the weeds!

  5. 9

    debsgarden said,

    Welcome back, Deborah! I’m glad you like weeding. It’s not my favorite chore. I was gone for a few weeks, too. Lou was home, and he managed things well for the most part, but the weeds have overcome my herb bed (again! I weeded that plot too many times this year!) Nevertheless, nothing improves the looks of a garden so quickly as getting rid of those weeds, and I find the big ones are often easier to pull.

    • 10

      The nice part about having 6 weeks at home was not having to get it all done in a weekend. A couple of hours per day did not hurt my back and did not become tedious. The big ones were a lot of fun to pull, it was all those tiny newborn dandelions that were annoying.

  6. 11

    Hi Deborah – will all the restrictions on pesticides now, the weeds are going crazy – we’ve been attacked by crabgrass in our new garden and the lawn was barely visible when we moved here in July. Thank goodness we’re in sandy soil here – much easier to pull things out.

    • 12

      I had sandy soil when I lived in the Beaches area of Toronto, so much easier (and the ground warmed up way earlier in the spring as well). I never used chemicals in my garden, so the restrictions don’t bother me.

  7. 13

    Jean said,

    Deborah, I agree that it’s hard to see all the weeds growing in that previously pristine gravel — but it must have been very satisfying to get all those weeds pulled. I’ve had some similar “misunderstandings” about lawn mowing when I’ve been absent. Very frustrating, but I guess the inevitable cost of long-distance gardening. -Jean

  8. 14

    I know you go through the same thing every year Jean, it is frustrating, but better than having to sell Kilbourne Grove. And how could I trust anyone to weed. As it is all the new daylilies that I planted beside some rocks became ‘weeds’ and were quickly cut down.

  9. 15

    I’m glad your garden fared decently without you! If only our plants would grow as well as the weeds. Sigh.

  10. 17

    jon.mills57@gmail.com said,

    Hi there, first of all I love your blog, and secondly I just wanted to tell you that you are living in my family’s house. My great great grandfather George S. Kilbourn was the one who lived there last when my great grandad moved to Montreal. I still have black and white pictures of the old place from the late 30’s! I’m happy to see that someone who loves it is taking care of it. All the best.


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