Kadooment Day

Perhaps if I looked like Rihanna, I would have dressed up and  ‘jumped’ with a ‘band’ for the Grand Kadooment Day parade. Everyone in Barbados is so very proud that she was here this year.  Instead, Ian and I watched from the sidewalk, as thousand of revellers, some drunk, but most just hot and tired, walked and danced for the finale of ‘Crop Over’.

If you are looking for a good (exhausting) time, come to Barbados for Crop Over.

 It is a celebration of the end of the sugar cane harvest, and starts in July, ending with the Grand Kadooment on Kadooment Day, a public holiday here.

A street carnival with thousands of costumed people, and trucks with huge (and very loud) sound systems.

 This year 23 ‘bands’ competed for the best costume design award. I wish that I could have seen every one, fresh at the beginning of the parade, but we were at the other end. With the sun, sweat and rain as well, some of them were not holding up well, but it was still an amazing sight.

Some of the costumes were very elaborate.

Even looking from the back, there was still a lot to see.

Even when you are in a parade, there is no escaping the phone, lol.

Needless to say, when  we returned home, I went straight to the gym! Those costumes are really skimpy.


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  1. 1

    Marguerite said,

    I saw a couple pictures of Rihanna in the last day and had no idea what this festival was about. Thanks for filling me in on the reason behind the party!

  2. 3

    It was great to see a festival from somewhere around the world so different than you might find here in Niagara Falls. It did remind be of mardi gras a bit though with the crazy costumes and parade. Funny with the phone, I guess it happens everywhere.

  3. 5

    Looks like a fun day despite the heat and rain – looking forward to see what you come up with for your costume next year – lol.

  4. 7

    Looks like fun!! Thanks for sharing the colourful pics. 🙂

  5. 9

    You had rain ? We all think of Barbados having wall to wall sunshine ! The costumes were certainly stunning, it must have been a fun day for everyone taking part, what will you be wearing next year !

  6. 11

    debsgarden said,

    OK, I want to see you in one of those costumes for the next celebration!

  7. 13

    Lizzye V. said,

    Hello! Learned much bout kadoment day on your blog! I’m brazilian and I’m going to the this year kadoment day! Add me on msn so we can talk 🙂 claralekakuc@hotmail.com

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