Gotta Have It: Eremurus

I know that I have showed you photos of this plant in my garden before, but I am sooo proud of it.

Eremurus seemed to be a plant that even experienced gardeners have problems growing, and especially growing well. So I didn’t have high expectations when I ordered Eremurus bungei from Veseys. It was at the back of their catalogue, under the 3 for 10 dollar category. And when the octopus like roots arrived, I was even more worried. But I planted them in one of the sunniest spots that I have in the garden. And I got results.


The first couple of years, just a few flowering stems. But then I had to move them as the birch they were planted beside started to grow and cast more shade.

Eremurus bungei 2010

So up they came, and I moved them to the highest part of the garden in the Flora Glade. I had made the bed by piling 2 feet of top soil on top of the existing ground. That should have given them great drainage.  And they loved it. There were twice as many flowering stems the following year.


What will happen this year? I shall have to send my spies in to find out. Carol, are you listening?


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  1. 1

    Carol Flett said,

    I just went out on Saturday and was impressed. I’ll send you the photos.

  2. 3

    Barbara H. said,

    I have always loved these. I was lucky enough to have some in my retirement/going away arrangement. I’ll have to do some investigating to see if they can survive the hot, humid yet freezing cold in winter South! Yours look fantastic, Deborah.

  3. 7

    You are right–I can’t grow this plant. Yours are beautiful.

  4. 9

    Donna said,

    I love this flower and have success only in full sun. Part sun and any moist conditions and it won’t bloom for me. though it was short lived it is beautiful nestled among my pink hydrangeas…

  5. 11

    Nell Jean said,

    I should try these.

  6. 13

    Marguerite said,

    Lovely plants. I’ve seen these in the catalogue a number of times but haven’t purchased them yet. Good to know they need drainage and hot sun as I’ll wait until I have the right spot to put them in.

  7. 15

    Janet said,

    A plant to die for and not easy to grow. The white eremurus is on my wish list.

  8. 17

    Cathy said,

    I can absolutely see why you are proud of it! It is positively ethereal!

  9. 19

    Jean said,

    Wow, I had never even heard of this plant before and had to look it up. According to Armitage, it loves “long, hot summers;” so you surely should be proud of getting these beautiful flowers to grow in Owen Sound!

  10. 21

    Your Eremurus certainly benefitted from being moved, well done, they are certainly happy in their new home. Thanks for the tip about raising the soil level to get better drainage, must try that !

  11. 23

    debsgarden said,

    I don’t know if that can grow here, but yours are impressive. I look forward to seeing the 2011 version!

  12. 25

    patty said,

    They are truly an interesting plant and quite the show off too.

  13. 27

    I too love these stalwarts but have never had luck with them….. too shady and too acidic is my soil! I recall that L at Lost Horizons lost entire drifts of them due to lack of insulating snow cover – which should not worry you in the least! Sounds like you have another stellar performance judging from C’s comment!

    • 28

      Wow, sounds like I have the perfect conditions for them. I remember reading that Larkwhistle was able to overwinter agapanthus, due to the snow, maybe I should try that next.

  14. 29

    What an impressive specimen! They are perfect behind the stella d’oros, great combo.

  15. 31

    amanda said,

    Something else to add on my list of wanted plants. Quite lovely.

  16. 33

    […] is a good time to plant new perennials! How about Eremurus bungei? About this plant: […]

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