Hello, I love you,

Won’t you tell me your name?

When I was at Hunte’s Gardens, this GORGEOUS plant was on the terrace.

Just in case one time was not enough!

Does anyone know what it is? I love it!


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  1. 1

    Bernieh said,

    It a wonderful Medinilla magnifica. They put on the most fabulous displays.

  2. 3

    What fun that your love is called Magnifica ;~)

  3. 5

    debsgarden said,

    Magnificent, indeed! I love the different shades of the flowers.

  4. 9

    Marguerite said,

    Garden bloggers are amazing! Almost instant identification. Any chances this plant can be overwintered here in the cool north?

  5. 11

    Ginny said,

    Definitely gorgeous!

  6. 13

    No idea about the name, but it sure is pretty.

  7. 15

    bernieh’s correct. it is medinilla magnifica..magnificent plant, isn’t it? happy gardening!


  8. 17

    Beautiful plant, we have to grow it as a conservatory plant here.

  9. 19

    I clicked on your photo and clicked again just to see the lovely form and shades of the flowers up close. I, of course, would not have been the one to know what it was, but am glad of the knowledge shared 🙂

  10. 21

    Andrea said,

    Hi, Medenilla has many species, but a few of them is endemic to the Philippines, M. magnifica being one of them. You watched it at the right time. Those flowers stay on the plant for a while.

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