On The Water

One of the multitude of ways that we celebrated my birthday was to take a catamaran cruise.

A rival company

 There are a few companies that offer this package, you get to swim with the turtles, snorkel over a coral reef, and a shipwreck, sail up the west coast of the island, have lunch on board, and drink your face off, (if you choose)! Of course, being (slightly) older than a lot of the passengers on board, I didn’t do that, but I could have.

As we were one of the first passengers on board, we staked out a spot near the bow of the ship, I wanted to see what was coming. It was wonderful to see the West Coast (which we live on) from the water, you see a whole different side.

This is Sandy Lane, one of the most exclusive resorts on the West Coast.

I know that Gwyneth Paltrow stayed here when she was in Barbados in February. I looked as hard as I could, but did not see any celebrities on the beach, it is actually very quiet at this time of year.

There is also this pirate ship cruise, same general idea as the catamaran that we are on. 

 We didn’t get any closer than this.

It is a wonderful way to spend a day when you are living in a hot climate, I think that we will be repeating the experience many times.


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  1. 1

    amanda said,

    Ah lovely. I was in Barbados last year, down in Oistins, and we did a catamaran cruise. Very enjoyable. I am very envious.

  2. 3

    It is like being on vacation each time I visit. Lovely scenery and it is nice you had an enjoyable birthday.

  3. 5

    Jennie said,

    Happy Birthday
    Oh what a lovely thing to do on your birthday…..or any day if you are lucky enough! When I lived in Barbados ions ago there used to be a wild boat trip called the Jolly Roger. I used to go in it as often as I could and dive off the side – oh to be young and reckless.

    Hope you are enjoying your return to the island.


    • 6

      Jennie, that pirate ship you could just see in my post is the Jolly Roger. It was brought back to Barbados this winter by a couple of local businessmen after 7 years.

  4. 7

    Marguerite said,

    What a lovely way to enjoy your birthday. I think I would be in the sit in the sun and drink your face off crowd. I’m not much of a swimmer and cannot abide putting my face in the water so snorkeling has always scared the dickens out of me. Although I wish I could get over my fears as it seems like such an amazing thing to do.

  5. 9

    what a great idea…and I agree with Donna we are taken on a vacation every time we visit of course we should visit you and take a vacation 🙂

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