Woo Hoo, I’m Two!

Last year, when I turned one, I never thought I would be continuing for another year, I thought that I might lost interest in blogging.

I have seen a lot of bloggers come and go over my two years, and I wondered if I might be among them. When I moved to Barbados, I wondered if I should stop as well, after all this blog was to be my record of Kilbourne Grove. But, I persevered, (after getting a lot of comments, asking me not to stop). So I continue, hope you are still enjoying it.

Thank you, thank you for encouraging me, for picking me up when I am down, for your helpful suggestions, and great ideas, you mean the world to me.

If you are interested in reading it, this is my very first post.

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  1. 1

    Happy number two. I have enjoyed ‘meeting you’ this past year. You were one on my first ‘friends’ from Blotanical. I was so surprised of your moving to Barbados, but you continued blogging with some very interesting places to see. I for one, am very glad you kept writing and photographing.

  2. 3

    Valerie said,

    Congratulations. My blog turns two in August and I have had my doubts as well. V

  3. 5

    lynne said,

    Congratulations 🙂 A well deserved second birthday, in my humble opinion, as I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

  4. 7

    Laurrie said,

    Congratulations on two years! What a record of your life, your garden, your thoughts. Could you imagine two years ago that you’d be living in Barbados, the house behind you would burn down, and all the other weird and wonderful things that have occurred? And in two more years… oh my. I’ll keep reading if you keep blogging : )

  5. 9

    Blog on please. I hope that one day you will ‘do the flowers’ for us – away from work pressures. Your own interpretation. I miss those fuzzy, just before delivery snaps, of today’s orders. That was when I first started reading your blog.

    Happy second blogaversary!

    • 10

      Martine Bresson said,

      Hello there..

      You don’t know me or would not remember me but I am reading faithfully your blog since Janus mentionned it to me… anyway just telling to keep on blogging and to thank you… it is fun and interesting… and as a photographer I can tell you that you have made a lot of progress at this level.
      Thanks a lot. M.B.

      • 11

        HI Martine, of course I remember you, and Janus has been making me very envious of the wonderful trips you have been on. I am glad that you are enjoying the blog, and thank you, thank you, for your comment on my photography. It is very much appreciated.

    • 12

      Diana, I promise, as soon as I am back in canada, I will make some arrangements just for you. I miss it as well.

  6. 13

    ricki said,

    Isn’t it fun the way one thing seems to lead to another in blogging? I, too, thought the ideas would dry up when I started. Good for you! Two and too good to fail!

  7. 15

    Laurie Brown said,

    Happy blogoversary!

  8. 17

    Barbara H. said,

    Woo Hoo, two? Yikes, where did the year go? You turned one just a few months ago – right? Keep on keeping on, Deborah.

  9. 19

    Anna said,

    Congratulations on two years worth ~ long may your blog bloom and flourish 🙂

  10. 21

    teza said,

    Happy number two! How quickly time flies and how interesting to see where two years have taken you…… a globetrotting experience for sure! SO thrilled that you have the opportunity to divide time between the Barbados and KG. I fell instantly in love with your gardening and writing style, saying nothing of your slightly mischevious sense of humor…. leave it to another Gemini! Keep the posts coming dearheart!

  11. 23

    Kim said,

    Congratulations and thank you…I love reading about all of your adventures!

  12. 25

    Happy #2 Deborah! Time really does fly by. I’m so glad you stuck with blogging, your posts are always so enjoyable.

  13. 27

    Woohoo, congrats on two! I sometimes feel the same way. When started all this I lamented that I couldn’t possibly have enough to say to sustain a blog…then last week we lapped 200 posts 😉 Apparently I have more to say than I thought, but I suspect my husband knew that LOL. Anyhoo, so glad you didn’t stop blogging just because you moved, I love your snapshots of life in both locations. Besides, half my blog roll is dormant at the moment. You’re right, many blogs do come and go, we just have to strive not to be one of them!

  14. 29

    Jess said,

    Yep, keep it up. I have to take breaks too, but that doesn’t say that you just can’t come back and start typing when your ready. Cheers to two!

  15. 31

    Happy 2nd Deborah and so glad you did not peter out. The bones of KG have set well and it’s been wonderful sharing the progress.

  16. 33

    Happy second anniversary! And I hope there are many more anniversaries to come.

  17. 35

    Jean said,

    Happy blogaversary, Deborah, and may you have many more. -Jean

  18. 37

    Donna said,

    Happy anniversary…I am catching up with posts …life has been keeping me from doing to much reading lately…

  19. 39

    Racquel said,

    My blog turned 3 last month and I forgot to do a post, lol. I’ve considered stopping several times over the past couple of years but I enjoy chatting with other bloggers. Hope you continue and happy blogaversary!

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