Snow(ing) Drops

Yay, they waited, they’re here! They waited for me.

I was gloomy, I was depressed, I was annoyed. After going to such lengths last year, asking everyone I knew, where I could buy snowdrops, ‘in the green’, and finally receiving some (thanks Jen), I was desperate to see them.


And I did.

I won’t bore you with the details. How after the Grey Bruce airbus dropped me off at 11:00 at night, in the pitch black, how I crept into the house, found a flashlight, and wandered around Kilbourne Grove. I knew that I would not be able to sleep until I could ease my mind, one way or another.

And there they were, sweet little snowdrops.

These are the ones that Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams sent me through Canada post, (and took 2 weeks).

The poor dears are recovering nicely from the trauma.

All that agonizing, checking the weather network, crying on everyone’s shoulder, I am coming home earlier next year! No taking any chances.

But then, this happened….

I think that they are going to stay around a while now.


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  1. 1

    Wonderful, your snowdrops waited for you to come home, now you can start to enjoy the rest of your spring bulbs. It must be wonderful to be back again and able to see the garden you have created, well done.

  2. 3

    Julia said,

    So pretty! And so much better than the white cold stuff we all saw to much of this year =)

  3. 5

    barry said,

    Amazingly, they can survive all this. They are pretty tough little customers.

  4. 7

    Jen said,

    See it was perfect timing after all. I too would have been out there with a flashlight in the dark.

    I am so happy that the poor little things survived, after all the Canada Post debacle was a ordeal for them.

    And I can still hear the customer service reps voice mistakenly asking me “you sent live doves,….. in the mail?” How she managed to sound so polite while thinking they were live birds sent, and not bulbs….LOL.

    Enjoy them, even with the snow they are lovely.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. 9

    Donna said,

    So exciting that you are able to expereince first hand your beloved snowdrops…and what can I say about the snow…winter is still holding us back from a full spring but without it you would never have seen your snowdrops..glad you did 🙂

  6. 11

    Barbara H. said,

    Oh, what a treat for you! And what a treat for us – such a quick posting about such an important event. I was resigned to waiting and waiting for your next post. Hopefully the snow is just saying hello before quickly departing! Have a wonderful time roaming your house and garden.

    • 12

      Barbara, I couldn’t do anything out in the garden with the snow, (although, I could have cleaned the house), so I thought I would take advantage of the free internet at the library. I hope to get in once per week, do some internet banking, (I have bills to pay in Barbados), and write a couple of posts. Hope you enjoy them.

  7. 13

    p3chandan said,

    Pretty little things snowdrops! Still having snow? I thought Spring has finally shown herself!

  8. 15

    gagarden said,

    Happened here too. So sad.

  9. 17

    What a lovely home-coming … with snowdrops to welcome you back 🙂

  10. 19

    I’m so glad they waited for you!! My new crocuses are also under a fresh blanket of snow. Sigh.

  11. 21

    Very kind of the little flowers to wait until you were there to put on a pretty show. I have some snowdrops at my place, as well. Super cute flowers.

  12. 23

    Hello hello hello!!! So nice to see you! Your snowdrops look fabulous! How’s the tan? UDG

  13. 25

    Lovely to be back at KG and to see your snowdrops, Deborah …and snow?! What a contrast with the tropics – and with London. We are in the 70s

  14. 27

    So happy they waited for you! Not sure the snow was quite what you expected, but I’m sure you don’t mind a little snow with your snowdrops! 🙂

  15. 29

    Jess said,

    Big smile for you!

  16. 31

    teza said,

    Welcome home sunshine, snow and all! I was thinking of you on Sunday when it was dumping down snow while I was huddled in the heat of the greenhouse trimming annual baskets. I am so happy that your Galanthus waited for you….. something, call it intuition, told me they wouldn’t disappoint you! Hope the weather warms up so that you can get out into the gardens, or that you packed long johns and sweaters aplenty!

    • 32

      What is Mother Nature thinking of, does she not know that I arrived back in canada, and brought some tropical sunshine with me? The long johns stayed here, for some reason I did not think I would need them in Barbados.

  17. 33

    Holley said,

    How exciting to get a new plant – and they look very happy. Snow and snowdrops – very fitting.

  18. 35

    Now I can breath a sigh of relief!

  19. 37

    Carol Flett said,

    Looks like tomorrow will start to warm up again. Today you got to see the snowdrops and snow together, and that is one of the treats of spring.

    I have done almost the same thing as you did when returning home. The garden is the baby that was left behind and is way more important than anything in the house including the bed.

  20. 39

    Marguerite said,

    oh my, welcome back to Canada! So glad you got to see your flowers but sorry about white stuff. That’s quite the difference from a sunny hot beach.

  21. 41

    Well well – snowdrops, AND snow ;~) Welcome home!

  22. 43

    I am so glad that the snowdrops were there for your arrival!

  23. 45

    Anna said,

    A sight for sore eyes Deborah ~ you must have been over the moon 🙂

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