Back to the Jungle

I love the Barbados hikes. I am learning (and seeing) so much of Barbados, certainly a lot of sights the average tourist does not get to see.

A few weeks ago (in between) visitors, we were on a hike in the middle of the island. There is always a lot of flora and fauna to see, but this time I was interested in the architecture. Barbados is blessed with an extraordinary climate, things grow like crazy. It does not take long for nature to reassert herself if left unchecked. Sometimes the path the guide takes us on is a bit overgrown, in a matter of months. And if a building is abandoned, it does not take long for the jungle to swallow it up.

Walking along the road, there were a few lovely remnants of past days,

but then we came to this. It was a brick factory,

 our guides father had worked at it, so it was not that old, but once left empty…

We turned south on the old north, south road. This road had been used before the ABc highway had been built, and then rarely after that. Along the road was this old lime kiln.

You would walk up the steps to drop in the lime rocks,

and then collect the lime

 from this small opening at the bottom. Our guide told us that it had not been operational that long, apparently they did not realize that they were supposed to build it in a circular fashion, and they had difficulty getting it out of the corners.

As a Canadian, I am used to winter keeping my own personal jungle in check for me, and it certainly allows me a rest. Here the battle never ends…


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  1. 1

    The stone/brick structures are really interesting covered in vegetation. I enjoy ruins. Rain next week, but get this…. 68/20 on Monday. Bulbs will be flowering in greater numbers. Your timing is looking like a winner. Safe trip back here.

    • 2

      They are sooo aamazing, and a tiny bit creepy as well. Almost like a movie set. Sounds like it is warming up for me, now that I am used to the heat, I will feel the cold weather twice as much, lol.

  2. 3

    Donna said,

    Beautiful….so nice to see these off the beaten path places that you are enjoying…love the structures…I love ruins!!

  3. 5

    Jess said,

    I am forever amazed how fast things grow back once we quit meddling. Did you ever see that show on the History Channel? I think it said within about 20 years of no humans much of our traces would be gone already!

  4. 7

    ricki said,

    Looks like the perfect setting for some apocalyptic movie.

  5. 9

    Oh my, I’ll never complain about weeds again. Although, since the rain stopped, and the sun started to shine, our orchard is getting swallowed by weeds…but thankfully it’s not being overrun quite like that brick factory! 😛

  6. 11

    Marguerite said,

    It’s amazing how quickly nature reasserts herself. I love that look of old stones covered in green, a beautiful hike.

  7. 13

    That is why I think it is so strange that people are always saying that we have to “save the planet”. The planet doesn’t need to be saved, it will get along quite nicely without us as your post shows. We are the thing that has to be saved—from ourselves.

  8. 15

    debsgarden said,

    How interesting! I am always fascinated by old architecture and ruins. i wonder what stories are lurking in the broken stones and overgrowth!

  9. 17

    Wendy said,

    wow, what beautiful photos of those old remnants.

  10. 19

    I have really enjoyed exploring your blog, seeing your garden in Canada and where you are living now.I’m sure your garden will be fine when you return, having been wrapped in a duvet of snow for the winter !

    • 20

      Thanks Pauline, my plants are so much happier in Owen Sound with that lovely duvet, then they were in Toronto, bare naked all winter. I am glad you have enjoyed reading about my adventures.

  11. 21

    Shyrlene said,

    Carolyn had such a great point – the planet doesn’t need saving, just being left alone it could recover just nicely, thank you! Thanks for sharing your adventures. A trip down a quiet road in an exotic location iis such a treat…

  12. 23

    Colleen Miko said,

    I’ve always thought it would be lovely to have a property with a shell of a building to garden in and around. That’s what your pictures made me imagine.

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