Gotta Have It: Bougainvillea

I know you have heard this before, but this has to be one of my favourite flowering plants in Barbados (at least so far). Bougainvilleas were flowering when we arrived in December and are still with no sign of stopping. From what I understand, they like the dry season that we are in now, but I was told they will flower all year, just not as heavily. 

 This is the scene that I admire every day from our terrace. It looks the same now, 4 months later, as it did when we arrived .

Our complex has a concrete wall separating us from the road, and they planted bougainvilleas along it. They are a great boundary plant, thorny, to discourage trespassers, human and animal alike. They can grow from 1-12 meters high, and using the thorns on their branches to pull themselves into trees,or onto buildings, much like a climbing rose does.

They certainly make great pot plants, as these by the pool bar show.

 When we eventually put a lap pool in at Kilbourne Grove,

big pots of bougainvilleas along side of it would be a lovely reminder of our happy time in Barbados. 

Or maybe a pergola like this would work. What do you think?

In the meantime, I make do with my first,

 this one on my terrace.


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  1. 1

    Donna said,

    these scenes remind me a bit of Capri with all the beautiful bougainvillea….what a gorgeous place you live in

  2. 3

    gagarden said,

    I too was swept away to far off lands. Oops, you are in far off lands. Lovely.

  3. 5

    gardeningasylum said,

    It’s always humbling to see the rampant growth of the bougainvilleas in places like beautiful Barbados, when I struggle to get my little pot through each winter, hoping for a few blooms in the summer! beautiful photos.

  4. 7

    Neil said,

    My neighbor have this plant. It’s so beautiful! However, that was in the 80s when I was still in the Philippines. I’m here in Chicago now. I would like to try it too but I am not sure if it’s going to make it inside the house. I brought in my petunia in October and it died late November.

    What are your experiences overwintering it?

  5. 9

    ricki said,

    I vote for the pergola

  6. 11

    Neil said,

    Not sure what happened to my post earlier. I vote for pergola. I wish I can put this vine on the pergola I built last year.

    My detailed diy patio/pergola can be seen from here

    For now, I will plant Hyacinth bean vine but they’ll get killed in my zone(5a) during winter.

    • 12

      Sorry, Neil, it wasn’t approved when you wrote your second comment. First time commenters go through approval, making sure they are not spam.
      I love that pergola as well, it was in an abandoned lot, crazy, eh!
      I shall check out your diy!

  7. 13

    Hi Deborah, I too am desirous of a bougainvilla. When we were recently in California, I tried to buy one, but after the clerk explained how they hate to be moved around, dislike being brought in for the winter, etc, etc, I changed my mind. I guess we just have to find ways to visit lands where it grows rampant!

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