My Snowdrop Salute

Anyone that reads my blog on a regular basis, knows that I am (slightly) potty for snowdrops.

I spend hours on the internet, looking for any new info on them,I read post after post, VP posts counts of hers on Twitter, Anna shows us all her different varieties, Jennie has not only unusual ones, but has a multitude in her woodland.  I lurk on the SRGc Galanthus site, turning green over all the unusual varieties they have. I lust over the photos that display acre and acre of drops. I obsess over the few I have, scheming up ways I can increase my meager show. I am obsessed with them.

So I take the bull by the horns, so to speak. Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams sends me a package of them last spring. Barry very kindly gives me some doubles. I purchase 400 more. I am ready for spring 2011, bring it on.


Then what happens, I move to Barbados. Not the snowdrop capital of the world. Boo Hoo!!! Then I start obsessing over when to plan my trip back to Kilbourne Grove. I watch the weather station, happy when I see cold temps and snow forecast. I do not want them to flower before I arrive.

My flight is booked for April 11th, wish me luck.

All photos were taken in 2010, will I take any this year?


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  1. 1

    Better hurry back. They are starting to come up. Hope your flight coincides. I was never a big fan, but the more I see them on blogs, I am learning how many different kinds there are and and am quite amazed. They are prettier than I thought too. You just have to really get down to their level to see their dropping heads to appreciate them.

  2. 3

    Jennie said,

    Hope you make it back in time! Mine are almost over now here in UK but I am still making new beds for them in the woodlands area and will soon be planting, moving, inspecting bulbs, relabelling etc. They are quite a lot of work!!

    Daffs & Hellebores out now and wood anemones very soon.
    Thanks for your comments Deborah – I know you love the ‘drops 🙂

  3. 5

    Laurrie said,

    Safe travel back north! It will be god to see your beloved garden again, snowdrops or not, but I hope their beautiful little blooms will be there when you are.

  4. 7

    Sylvia (England) said,

    It is sad after all your hard work to get snowdrops. Take heart they take a few years to flower at their best, so when you return from Barbados they will have spread and be flowering their hearts out! But I do hope you get to see a few flowers this year. Like Jenni mine are just memories now, but spring is lovely here. I am enjoying your adventures in Barbados, thank you for your regular posts.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  5. 9

    Jen said,

    Ours have been flowering since mid Jan and are still coming along due to the extended cool weather. Let’s hope that you get the same experience.

    I think about your snowdrops every time I see mine bloom. I do so hope that they manage to hold off until you get to visit them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. 11

    Donna said,

    hope they are there to grret you. i only have the common ones I think but still so beautiful and up blooming already

  7. 13

    Marguerite said,

    How exciting to be coming home when the bulbs are starting to bloom. You may very well get to see your snowdrops as the weather is still up and down in these parts. Here on the east coast we’ve had a week of nice temperatures with snow melt but there’s still plenty of snow yet to go and the temperatures have dropped yet again. This week it’s sunny but very crisp! Have a wonderful trip home.

  8. 15

    Jean said,

    Deborah, Is there still snow on the ground up there in Owens Sound? If so, that should help to slow them down a bit. I really, really want you to get there at exactly the right moment (after all, I’ve been following this drama carefully since Jen sent you those snowdrops last year). Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • 16

      From what I hear, there is Jean, of course, it just takes one week of quite warm temps, and it will be gone. Keep those fingers crossed, although, it does make typing quite difficult, lol.

  9. 17

    Good luck, but remember, they’re only snowdrops.

  10. 19

    Well, I guess there had to be a downside to such a fabulous trip: missing the fabulous trip in your own garden. But that’s not true because you might catch them. Do hope so! Best

  11. 21

    Anna said,

    Ooooooooh ~ will be keeping fingers, toes etc. crossed for you Deborah and hope that you are greeted by a veritable white carpet. They are only just going over here. Sadly my specials had many casualties – probably a combination of growing them in pots plus two very cold winter spells. I am planning a new strategy 🙂

  12. 23

    Oh, I hope your snowdrops can wait for you. April isn’t too far away. Judging by how cold it is here at the moment, I think you’ll be fine 😉 Looking forward to lots of snowdrop filled pics when you make it back to KG.

  13. 25

    teza said,

    Can you move the flight ahead? Mine are blooming their heads off at this very moment…. all five plants that is! 400! Egads woman! Perhaps they realize that their much loved gardener is now a globetrotter and will delay blooming for the time being. Is there anyone who could go and check up on their progress, and send photos to you if need be?

  14. 27

    debsgarden said,

    I hope you get to see your snowdrops. and I look forward to reading about your trip back to Kilbourne Grove! At any rate, you will probably love just being back and feeling the cool spring air. I hope someone is tending your garden while you are away and will take photos for you.

  15. 29

    I see Teza who is north of me has snowdrops blooming, but it early days and not much happening in my garden yet. The daffodils are only just starting to poke out of the ground. Snow is forecast for tonight. Cross your finders- you might be right on time for snowdrops in Owen Sound.

  16. 31

    I’m so glad you’re coming back for a visit, can’t wait to see new pics from KG. 🙂

  17. 33

    I hope they are very good snowdrops and wait for their gardener to arrive. 🙂

    Enjoy your trip back!

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