Shady Ladys

Funny, how I always think of begonias as cool, shade loving plants.  When I was working in a small garden centre, and customers wanted a flowering plant for a container in the shade, begonias, were always one of my first choices. And I certainly never think of Barbados as a cool country, hot and steamy comes to mind. Yet begonias are very popular here.

They are all over the complex where I live, usually as a groundcover at the base of trees or shrubs.

 The gardeners here call them cane begonia, so I googled them.

The variety is known as Begonia nitida, according to a Barbados website. The cane, which I first thought of a sugar cane, refers to the stem. It is in sections like a bamboo. The gardeners here just break off a section, and stick it in the ground, in order to propagate it. It wilts for a couple of days, but them seems to perk up. I have seen them in white, white with a pink bud, or pink, all beautiful. They have been in flower since I arrived here December 1st, I am not sure how long they stay in flower for, but I will let you know.


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  1. 1

    Bernieh said,

    Great shots. They are a very popular plant in tropical spots like mine … as long as they receive shade during the hottest part of the day they will thrive. They flower all year round here … they have been a staple for every garden I’ve ever had.

  2. 3

    Donna said,

    beautiful..wish they were perennials here…

  3. 7

    Beautiful! I used to think of begonias as shade loving plants too…but my first garden was so shady, even they wouldn’t grow!

  4. 9

    ricki said,

    We have friends who just returned from a vacation in your neck of the woods. I sent them a link to your site so that they could relive some of the magic. They loved it!

  5. 11

    they sure make a lovely ground cover!

  6. 13

    I have come to begonias late but not too late!

  7. 15

    lynne said,

    I’ve never been keen on begonias, however your photo of the white one around the bottom of the tree is very pretty and might make me re-think my take on them.

    As a by-the-by, I visited my sister a few days ago and she has planted begonias along her back border which gets all day sun. They were all looking very healthy and in full bloom and gave that problem piece of garden a ‘cooler’ look.

  8. 17

    The white begonias make a beautiful groundcover. How nice to be able to just stick an annual in the ground and have it grow—economical too.

  9. 19

    So cool! I never knew this. (i am seeing some grass today as the snow melts!)

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