Sorry if I haven’t been commenting on your blogs lately, (although I have been having computer and internet problems), but I have been away. Ian had a business meeting in Trinidad and I decided to go with him.

We actually have a diary where we keep track of all the countries we have visited since we have been married, so we were happy to add Trinidad and Tobago to the list. Not that I made it to Tobago, we were only there a few days, and Ian was working anyway. Well someone has to keep me in the lifestyle to which I am rapidly becoming accustomed to, lol.

We stayed at the Hyatt in Port of Spain,

what a great hotel. It had a very cool shower in the middle of the room, dividing the bathroom from the bedroom.

A sand blasted panel on the glass gave you a bit of privacy if you are shy.

The pool area was beautiful as well,

I want one of these beds.

They were so cozy for curling up on.

We were only there two days, so one of them I went on a walking tour of the downtown. I left the hotel and started down Independence Square, although I do not know why they all it that, it was a road with a median in the middle not a square.

And look what I found.

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception was a gorgeous landmark on Independence Square.

I could not stop taking pictures of it,

but I won’t bore you with too many.

I then headed up Frederick Street, a main shopping street downtown, and reached Memorial Park.

What a beautiful obelisk in the middle of the park,

 and not a single person in the whole park. Was I the only crazy person out, walking around in the heat?

So I decided to take a break at the National Museum and Art Gallery.

Some very interesting exhibits about Trinidad’s history. And I cooled down.

Walking along Queen’s Park at the edge of Queen’s Park Savannah, locals call this the world’s biggest roundabout. I admired the mountains in the distance, they are such a beautiful backdrop.

At this point I was getting tired (and hungry),  I wanted to hit one last sight, but I will tell you about it in my next post.


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Quite the lady of leisure these days….how wonderful! Trinidad and all its sights seems another planet away from cold, dreary, dismal London and sub zero Budapest.
    How exciting that you keep a diary of your travels. What fun it must be to look back and recall so many interesting places and experiences. Trinidad will certainly add an exotic element!

    • 2

      I know, darling E, nothing to do all day but eat bon bons, lol. It is hard for me to even believe it is winter in other parts of the world. Always fun to bump up my country count.

  2. 3

    gagarden said,

    Trinidad looks like it has wonderful architecture surrounded by rolling hills. A very picturesque setting. I too would be out with my camera, even in the heat.

  3. 5

    Donna said,

    I have had friends travel there and rave about it…it is a stunning place…i also love the architecture but that…

  4. 7

    ricki said,

    What an interesting old lady you will be (many years from now, of course) when all the youngsters will gather ’round to pore through your journals and hear your tales of adventure.

  5. 9

    What a lovely trip Deborah, and it looks so inviting and warm there too! I’ve never been to Trinidad, but some of the architecture looks absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see where you went next!

  6. 11

    Kim said,

    What a great trip! What a lovely country! Trinidad is on my list of places to visit.

  7. 13

    debsgarden said,

    Nice hotel! I love that shower.I think I could adjust, if I tried hard, to your new lifestyle!
    Thanks for the peek at Trinidad!

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