Going, Going, Gone!

The weather in Barbados is amazing!  However, we do get a lot of cloud cover, which at first I did not appreciate. I thought that I would want to be outside, enjoying the sun every opportunity I could get.  But it is to intense, at least for me.

The sunsets in Barbados are also amazing! I have taken some fabulous photos, but most evenings the clouds will cover the sun as it sinks into the ocean. Last night, I finally got one, now wish I had a huge camera with a zoom, instead of me little (but light) point and shoot.





I wanted to share this photo with you as well, it was one of the first I took, it looks like it is black and white.

Talk about special effects!


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  1. 1

    lynne said,

    So beautiful, Deborah.

  2. 3

    Valerie said,

    Oh gee that looks so inviting. We are so knee deep in snow and cold. V

  3. 5

    Marguerite said,

    Deborah, sounds like life in Barbados is agreeing with you. I love how many people are there at the beach even though the sun is going down.. They don’t seem in a hurry to leave.

  4. 7

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, …..and I am sure to accompany the sun setting there are sundowners on the terrace!! Bliss!

  5. 9

    A sun-dog? Is that a regular special effect, or was it a once off for you?

  6. 11

    Bernieh said,

    Terrific photos … your point and shoot camera caught the beauty very well! The colours are just stunning.

  7. 13

    Gorgeous images or your lovely Barbados retreat. Water and the setting sun is magical.

  8. 15

    Clouds across sunset are magic.
    Envious? Me? Yes!

  9. 17

    debsgarden said,

    Wow! i love all these photos, but that last one is really special. Well done!

  10. 19

    patty said,

    Since I tend to see the sun setting while on some beach vacation I can only say, Margarita time!

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