The Year in Review 2010

What a crazy year!


One of my favourite winter shots, love the blue tones. Lots and lots of snow.


Valentines Day always makes February fly by.



Desdemona arrived to live with me!


The Deliverance house burns to the ground.


The serviceberry allee blooms for the first time after planting.


I visit dear friends in Kingston.


A mini makeover of our Toronto terrace.


Spent a lot of our holidays at the beach!


The hardy cyclamen that Barry gave me start flowering.



Halloween is always fun at our spooky house.


The mildest November that I ever remember.  What a great send off!


Christmas on the beach, what a glorious feeling.


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  1. 1

    Deborah, Happy New Year for this year of change. Hope you continue to have a wonderful adventure on the beach! Let me know whenever you make it back to Toronto.

  2. 3

    Diane said,

    Happy New Year! Wow, what a great photographer you are as well. Hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying your new home and that you have one of the best years ever. Love, Diane xo

  3. 5

    Laurrie said,

    How you must miss your Toronto terrace and the gardens at Kilbourne Grove. But the pictures are wonderful memory keepers, and your new life in warm climes awaits!

  4. 7

    Jean said,

    Deborah, What a great way to summarize your transition from snow to tropical beach. My favorite image is the snowdrops in March. Happy New Year!

  5. 9

    I so enjoyed this review! Christmas at the beach sounds better and better to me each passing year. Love the serviceberries.

  6. 11

    Valerie said,

    Lovely photos. Happy New Year.

  7. 13

    Marguerite said,

    What a wonderful collection of photos! so many memories there and things to look forward to!

  8. 14

    Ellada said,

    Happy New Year. Nice review. And Christmas on the beach, fantastic.

  9. 15

    A nice retrospective. Hey, you got away with the burning incident too! Happy days!

  10. 16

    Happy New Year Deborah, quite a year you’ve had!! Now you won’t have to vacation at the beach anymore lol. 🙂

  11. 17

    Hi Deborah..Happy New Year and looking forward to hearing of things to come!

  12. 18

    Wendy said,

    it’s been a full, fun, and exciting time!

    I love that halloween house.

  13. 19

    debsgarden said,

    I enjoyed your year in review! I am wishing you the best in this new year, in your new home. Change will keep you young and vital; Christmas on the beach – no telling what that will do!

  14. 21

    lynne said,

    What a cool post. It’s nice to look back and see the amazing changes in our lives that don’t seem quite so marked as they are occurring.

  15. 23

    Barbara said,

    Hi Deborah, I always enjoy people’s “review” blog posts, and yours was fun. I also did one on the progress of my potager through the past year, if you’re interested. Do boxwoods even grow where you are now? Barbara

  16. 25

    Jennie said,

    Hello Deborah
    I have been so shocked at your sudden move – it all happened so quickly. I am so envious – Barbados is my favourite island in the world. I lived there for a few years many years ago and had one of the best times of my life. It is great to see your photos especially of Holetown as that was where I first lived when I arrived there.

    My favourite part of island is Cattlewash/Bathsheba – I rented a place on the beach there for 6 months to get away from it all ! Those were the days.

    I can see from your photos that the island has changed so much – Louis Vuitton – wow that is amazing. It never had more than gift shops selling batiks and gorgeous sea island cotton swimwear (Ripples) when I was there last.

    Enjoy, enjoy – you are in a truly beautiful place. I will be watching your postings with anticipation. Jennie (pick-a-lily) England

    • 26

      Jennie, it did happen very quickly, so many details to look after, it was quite the whirlwind. I am glad to know that Barbados is your fav, I am enjoying it so far, (although I will miss seeing my snowdrops flower in the spring). I haven’t been to Bathsheba yet, have heard about how beautiful it is, so it is very high on the list. Lots of rich tourists visiting, and leaving some of their money behind, crazy.

  17. 27

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