I’m Baaaaaaack!!!!!!!

Yay, I finally have internet again!! 

It has been really strange, not being able to contact family and friends through e-mail. I have felt really out of touch. I did not realize how much time I spent on the computer and how much I relied on it. Need a phone number? look it up, read about something in the newspaper?  look up more information about it on-line, wondering what the weather is like in Toronto? look it up on my home page.  The world could have collapsed, and I would not have known, no internet.  And I missed you all as well!

We stayed at a different hotel this time and it was equally as wonderful

This was the view from our room.

The view from the beach.  It is a smaller hotel than last time, but in a more ‘touristy’ area, a lot more restaurants within walking distance from the hotel.

It had equally as fabulous sunsets.  Since it is on the ‘south’ coast, the waves onto the beach are strong, I got to try body surfing, such great fun.  The ‘west’ coast, where we will be living is a lot more gentle, and the ‘east’ coast is where all the surfers go, huge, huge rollers.

We moved into our new apartment on December 1st, and Ian had to start work right away, so I was left to try to organize all our ‘stuff’. 

This is where he will be working, both building are the bank, the one on the left is retail banking, his is the one straight ahead.

First thing to deal with was the mountain of laundry after living in hotels for two weeks.  We had both winter clothes and summer clothes in our suitcases, as well as Ian’s ‘work’ clothes.  Suits, dress shirts, ties and leather shoes, enough for a month, did not leave a lot of room in our suitcases for my clothes.  I felt like I was wearing the same thing every day, so I was desperate for the laundry. See what an exciting life I am leading in Barbados, lol.

Then a week later I got to travel to the airport, and meet customs and go through our air shipment, more clothes, yay!

Now we are waiting for our sea shipment to arrive, hopefully it will be before Christmas. Luckily, we decided to put a few Christmas ornaments in our air shipment. Although it is hard to get up the enthusiasm to decorate for Christmas, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Hot and sunny every day, I find myself looking for shade.

One of the joys of our new abode is the west-facing terrace. We seem to have a new tradition of sitting with a cocktail, watching the sun go down. Every sunset seems to be more spectacular than the previous one.

 Get used to seeing pictures of them, I can’t resist taking them.


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  1. 1

    Gillian said,

    Nice to hear from you again and keep the pictures coming – I can feel the warmth cutting through the icy cold here!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  2. 3

    Paul said,

    Yay, you made it back to blog land. Welcome to summer Christmas. Now you know how Aussies feel when the shop windows are sprayed with fake snow when it’s sweltering outside. Lots of photos please. There must be botanic gardens, and the balcony could be a nice challenge for planting pots.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and productive New Year.

    • 4

      I am sooo glad to be back, I missed all of you. For me, it is strange to be having a hot Christmas. Went looking for local Christmas cards, and they all have snow scenes on them, lol.

  3. 5

    I am so happy you returned. This will be really a different kind of Christmas for you with no snow. I would really miss all that goes with the season. I wish you the best for the holiday season. Have a merry one!

  4. 7

    Marguerite said,

    Wonderful to hear from you again! Glad to hear that things are proceeding smoothly. It really is amazing how much we do online these days isn’t it? I had to go to the bank yesterday and it was a shock. I haven’t stepped foot in a bank in a year due to internet banking.

  5. 9

    Diane said,

    Hey! So happy to hear you’re settling in……you will be happy to know you’re missing the really cold days and icy roads! I’m so glad to be able to be part of your life this way. xoxo

  6. 11

    Barbara H. said,

    Oh, welcome back, Deborah! Wonderful sunset picture – can’t wait to see more. What an adventure you are on – never thought about mountains of laundry. Do you have to go to a laundromat? I echo the Christmas and New Year wishes.

    • 12

      I am lucky i have a stackable washer/dryer here, I hate going to the laundromat. However when I go back to Kilbourne Grove in the spring, I will have to visit one. We haven’t purchased a washer/dryer for there yet.

  7. 13

    Kelly O said,

    Yay! Glad you’re back online! Miss you already, but looks like you’re having a good time…well, not the laundry part, but the booze and sunsets Anyway 🙂

  8. 15

    Laurrie said,

    How nice to see you back online, and it’s fun to follow your moving-in progress. It’s also nice to see sunsets and palm trees rather than Christmas ornaments and snow scenes. What an revelation to learn that even in Paradise there’s laundry to be done!

  9. 17

    barry said,

    Good to hear from you, Deborah. David Leeman also left for the Caribbean last week. He’s spending 3 months working at the Botanical Garden. Maybe you could do some island hopping??
    I’m conditioned to signing off with “keep warm” , but I guess that’s not needed this time. Enjoy the Holidays.

  10. 19

    Amy said,

    Welcome back…looks like a beautiful place to live!

  11. 21

    So great to hear from you! Sounds like everything is falling into place nicely. Love seeing your pictures, I can feel the warmth eminating from them. Nice to have you back! 🙂

  12. 23

    Valerie said,

    No wonder why people throng to the Bahamas for their vacations. It is idealic. Lucky you to sit in the heat with a martini. I can only sigh.

  13. 25

    Merry Christmas! Laundry may seem dull, but in that setting most anything takes on an aura of adventure.

  14. 27

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, How wonderful that communications have resumed once more. A ‘sundowner’ on the balcony gazing languidly out to sea sounds a blissful option from a chilly and dismal London. Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year in your new home.

  15. 29

    This is such fun to tag along. We just get to see the words ‘do 2 weeks laundry for 2’. That was quick and easy. Looking forward to hearing what you get up to and see, when the housework is done.

  16. 31

    Anna said,

    Welcome back Deborah ~ that cocktail tradition sounds the perfect way to round up the day 🙂 Wishing you both all the best for Christmas and the New Year !

  17. 33

    debsgarden said,

    It’s great to hear from you again. I can’t believe how dependent I also have become on the internet. A few days without the computer, and I’m nuts, though if I were in such a lovely place as Barbados I might could stand it. Maybe. Your sunsets are fabulous. I like your new tradition. Enjoy all the new experiences and have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New year.

    • 34

      Isn’t it crazy, Deborah, what did we do in the days before the internet? I remember a friend complaining that her boyfriend would spend hours on the computer, and thinking, ‘what a loser’, doesn’t he have a life. Now it’s me, lol.

  18. 35

    Tatyana said,

    Nice to see you again, Deborah! Have a happy Holiday Season!

  19. 37

    Melissa said,

    So nice to see you back online! I know what you mean about finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit in a tropical location. One year when I was married, we went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving – of course they had already started with holiday decorations there just like at home. But it seemed too strange, with “Merry Kalikimaka” in the air and Santas in tropical outfits.

    Keep up the blogging and let us know what gardens there are like! Happy holidays to you and Ian.

  20. 39

    teza said,


    Yay! I knew it was only a matter of time until you were sending your missives from the tropics! I’m sure you’ve been pulled in so many different directions: do I unpack, or do some sightseeing and take pics to send back to those poor pathetic frozen Onatrioans…[ did I type that!] Please try and remember us as you’re sipping martinis watching the sun set in the sky. I am very excited to see what you’re going to introduce us to once you’ve established your domain. Wishing you and Ian the happiest of holidays and the very best for the New Year. Cheers!

  21. 41

    Wendy said,

    I could deal with that new tradition…

  22. 43

    Racquel said,

    Welcome back Deborah, that is one gorgeous sunset! 🙂

  23. 45

    so exciting…merry christmas!

  24. 47

    jim groble said,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year. jim and pat

  25. 49

    Evenings with a rosy sunset and a cocktail? Now I know where summer goes to recharge her batteries. 🙂

    Deborah, have the merriest of Christmases and a wonderful new year in your lovely new space. 🙂

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