A Fancy for Barbados

Hey, did you miss me?

I am just back from a week in Barbados. I know, rought life eh, lol. We had to fly down and find a new abode. Only five days to find something we BOTH could be happy in. Yikes, that is not much time.

Although we spent almost every day looking at properities, we were able to get in a tiny bit of sightseeing as well. Mostly around our hotel.

The view from our room

 We are both early risers, and were able to go for a walk before being picked up by the relocation firm.

Our hotel was beautiful, we were in the pool before breakfast and after

dinner every day.

One of the pools.

This was the pool that we spent the most time in, love the infinity edge.

We also went to the beach, mostly in the morning. Ian made me go the ‘road less travelled’.

But, the end result was worth it.

On our walks, we saw amazing architecture,

lots of great plants,

like my favourite, skyflower,

and this very cool palm,

and lots and lots of blue, three different shades to be exact.

A fort,

and some amazing sunsets!

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  1. 1

    Sylvia (England) said,

    The pictures are lovely, was this your first visit? I hope you found somewhere to live.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. 3

    Ellada said,

    I love the palm, and the architecture of the building are fantastic.

  3. 4

    Valerie said,

    It looks to be a heavenly place. Lovely views and that little cottage was so cute.

  4. 5

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Sun, white sandy beaches, wall to wall azure blue sky, infinity pools, luxury hotels……..not much to entice one away from the grey drizzle of London that is for certain!!

  5. 6

    What?! You’re moving?? Obviously, I have a few posts to catch up on!

  6. 7

    Laurrie said,

    Good luck with the home buying! I hope there will be pictures of what you finally settle on. And I hope houses in Barbados come with some land to garden.

  7. 8

    Kelly O said,

    Looks amazing Deb! When can I come for a visit? 😉
    I love the little cottages with the shutters and cool colours! Can’t wait to find out where you’ll end up! Hopefully you’ll have a little outdoor space to so some gardening!

  8. 9

    Like I said D. I really envy thee! I am so happy for you and Ian! What a paradise you will be living in . . . coming home time and again to visit your beloved K. Especially considering the time of year. I would say you are very blessed. Lovely Lovely photos! ;>)

  9. 10

    Can’t wait to see the house you settle on settling into.

  10. 11

    Lovely photos and a great place to live it looks like. Hope you enjoyed your new home.

  11. 12

    teza said,

    Paradise for sure. Have to say I evny you considering we saw our first snowfall this past week…. nothing to speak of as far as accumulation is concerned, but still, it was there, in the air, falling from the sky just to let us know it can and it will. It will be interesting to see what property you end up with. Fingers are crossed for you! Hey, wanna build a snowman? TeHe!

  12. 13

    Based upon the stunning images that you have posted here, me thinks that you already have the kernels of a new blog post. Surely there are going to be gardens in Barbados to cultivate or admire.

  13. 14

    lynne said,

    Ooh, exciting times! So jealous, right now 😉

  14. 15

    Wendy said,

    sooo…..think you could get used to it??!

  15. 16

    Wow – what a beautiful spot. I was thinking it a great place to vacation – but – looks like it will be more permanent. What an adventure. Can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you can grow there. Fun!

  16. 17

    Oh no, my clever witty blog entry vanished. Gorgeous pictures Deborah, and I am really looking forward to your new adventure. 🙂

  17. 18

    Gee…I wonder if you’ll miss the winter snow? Not! 😛

  18. 19

    Barbara H. said,

    I feel better now. Beautiful place and there will be whole new experiences to draw upon when you return to KG. Thanks for the update, Deborah.

  19. 20

    wow, go for it! am i jealous, having worked in the soggy rain all yesterday…well, just a little bit..hope all goes well for you both…

  20. 21

    Paul said,

    For those views I’m as strong as the bags are heavy. I think I’m a little jealous.

  21. 22

    Hi Deborah – As you know I haven’t been blogging in quite a while and haven’t even been checking my favorite bloggers – you being at the top of that list. Anyways, I easing into 8 weeks off work as I am having back surgery on Tuesday so thought I would check up on some old blogging friends. What a shock to see that you will be transferred. But what an exciting adventure. And there are a lot worse, dull, grey places in the world than the Barbados. I know that no matter where you live, you will make it beautiful. Hope you will be able to keep your fans happy by posting about this new venture. Good luck.

  22. 23

    commonweeder said,

    what news! What a change! New plants! New, new new! This sounds very exciting, but I am glad you are keeping Kilbourne Grove. And that you are not abandoning us.

  23. 24

    Patty said,

    Home away from home. I am sure you will feel comfortable in your new home. I look forward to more photos from Barbados.

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