So Long, Farewell,

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Auf Wiedersehen, audieu,

audieu, audieu,

to you, and you, and you!

This has been the hardest post I have ever had to write.  My emotions are surging all over the place now, I am not sure if I am happy or sad.

Ian has been transferred to Barbados.  That means I am going with him….

We are keeping Kilbourne Grove,  I have to, it is my ‘forever’ house and we have worked so hard on it.  I am hoping to fly back and spend some time in the spring and fall there, and we will have to find someone to look after it for us while we are out of the country.

I plan on reading and commenting on all your blogs still, and hopefully will write some posts about our new life on a small island.


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  1. 1

    Charlotte said,

    Good luck and enjoy the sunshine. I’m sure you’ll find gardens there too …. and at least you won’t freeze this winter!

  2. 3

    Paul said,

    No no no. It’s not adieu, just au revoir. It’s a new challenge, and when you get back home there will be a plethora of posts.

    I also doubt you will live in Barbados without at least a small garden, and I’m sure there will be plenty to write about and photograph while you are there. There’d better be dammit!

    Lets face it. Barbados! How hard can life be? White beaches, sunshine, a whole new culture to immerse yourself in. Do you need someone to carry bags?

  3. 5

    Sylvia (England) said,

    I really hope you enjoy Barbados and I am so glad you are able to keep Kilbourne Grove. I do hope you will have time to write posts so we can enjoy your Barbados adventure with you. Good luck and have fun.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  4. 7

    gardeningasylum said,

    Oh my! Deborah, You were one of the first bloggers I got to know starting out back in January, and I will miss your artistic slant on all things garden. I’m so glad you’ll be keeping Kilbourne Grove, though I know you’ll miss visiting as often. Godspeed in your coming adventure!

  5. 9

    Marguerite said,

    Oh my goodness!! Well I knew that news was coming but I could never have guessed this. While I’m sure you’ll be missing Kilbourne Grove this is really an exciting venture. Living in Barbados! I echo Paul’s thoughts – can I carry your bags, and perhaps live in your closet? Just think of all the new plants to be discovered!

  6. 11

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D,

    You will be greatly missed, possibly more than you can know. First, for the lively, entertaining, informative and knowlegeable postings which have become so much a part of the lives of all your readers. Secondly, for the way in which you have always been at great pains to reply to your readers’ comments, picking up on the smallest of details and encouraging a thoughtful debate. Lastly, and by no means least, for the way in which you have taken a genuine interest in the weblogs of others, supporting them with your own pertinent comments.

    For my own part, dearest D, I shall miss you hugely for the input you have given to my own weblog through your loyal following from the earliest of days.

    I am delighted to hear that you will be keeping Kilbourne Grove and wish you and Ian every success and happiness during your time in Barbados.

    • 12

      Darling Edith, it is heartwarming to know that I will be missed. Thank you for all your lovely and very insightful comments on my blog, I have certainly gotten some very helpful information from you. If you are ever in Barbados…

  7. 13

    Laurrie said,

    What an adventure you are about to take on. Barbados! Will you have a garden there? Like Gardening Asylum, i want to thank you for discovering and supporting my blog when I started back in January… you were one of my first commenters and I treasured your support from the beginning.

    Barbados! Best of wishes to you and Ian, and please let us see some posts from that exotic location.

    • 14

      It is mindblowing the twists and turns ones life takes. When I was growing up, I never even thought that on day I would be living in Barbados, never mind having lived in England as well. I will keep you up to date.

  8. 15

    Angela Davis said,

    Wow. That is BIG news! How sad it must be to leave your home. The good news is that you get to enjoy some sunshine, keep your forever home & we’ll all still be here to support you along the way. That’s what’s great about virtual friends! 😉

    • 16

      I am very sad to leave Kilbourne Grove, (although I am looking forward to a winter of no snow). And I do keep my home, and all my ‘virtual’ friends, it is a winning situation.

  9. 17

    PatioPatch said,

    Dear Deborah

    what a change from KG. Will miss keeping track of developments here but so glad you are keeping it as your forever home base. When you return in the Spring your bulbs will be a heart-warming greeting.

    You must be feeling so sad but perhaps also elated at the start of something new and so different. Also a chance for a lush green theatre of life in Barbados with a tropical flavour
    Green Shadow Dances …
    See our Young
    Pattering the Screen
    (Haiku by Teihitsu)

    Thank you for all your support and the time you have taken to pick posts and comment on my blog.

    Best of luck to you and Ian in your new venture


    • 18

      Thank you Laura, and thank you for the Haiku, it is beautiful. I am sure that I will appreciate Kilbourne Grove even more by leaving it for so long, and spring will be twice as exciting.

  10. 19

    Kyna said,

    Wow, crazy! O_O

    Good luck, is the move imminent?

  11. 21

    Kelly O said,

    You must keep up on all your posts…Im sure there will be lots to tell us about the flora and fauna in Barbados! And you’ll have lots to tell us when you come back to check on Kilbourne Grove!

    I’ll miss you Deb!

  12. 23

    Wow Deborah, what a change!! Enjoy your new adventure, and I also want to thank you for following my little blog and keeping in touch over the last year or so. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, and I want to wish you & Ian all the best.

  13. 25

    Barbara said,

    OMG Deborah, how exciting! And I mean after all they do have internet there, don’t they? Seriously, I hope you keep up with blogging because I, too, have enjoyed “meeting” you and following your adventures at KG, and have greatly appreciated all your comments on my blog. Good luck to both of you and put on a Bob Marley record to get in the mood. Yours, Barbara

    • 26

      They do have internet, I have already checked, so I will still be able to blog. My blog started as a record of the making of Kilbourne Grove, but has become more of a journal of my life. Now my journal will be Barbados, with some updates in the spring of KG.

  14. 27

    I admit I’m having a hard time seeing a downside here. Barbados! Wow! And as others have expressed, you are sure to have a garden and what fun it will be to explore gardening there! Please keep us informed. I’ll be looking forward to your posts. And luckily you are keeping your forever home and will be visiting. All the best and enjoy, enjoy.

    • 28

      I know, ther really is not a downside, although I am a bit worried about leaving KG empty for so long. We have hired a property management firm to look after it, so it should be ok. I will keep you posted about my adventures in Barbados.

  15. 29

    Have a lovely exciting time perhaps you should start a companion blog on Barbados plants for us to keep following.

    I have been busy with my Lyme Disease blog and so a but remiss on catching up with garden bloggers but I still like to read the odd one when it posp up on my dashboard.

  16. 31

    Alice Joyce said,

    Will be thinking of you and sending the warmest hugs your way. Though you won’t need the warmth! Enjoy the sunshine, and stay in touch.

  17. 33

    Valerie said,

    Oh my gosh. What a big change for you in life but oh a new challenge too. Blogs can be sent from Barbados and we would all love to hear what kind of a garden you are going to develop there. Keep us posted. In bloggerland we are never far away.

  18. 35

    Deborah, somehow I can’t envision you anywhere but Kilbourne Grove. Barbados though? At least you’ll be warmer than spending winters at home! 😛 I wish you both lots of luck, and look forward to your new island postings! Just don’t forget to slip in a post about the lindens at home from time to time.

    • 36

      Me either, Clare, I am going to miss it, but leaving Canada at a good time, going to miss the cold. I have to get back in the spring, I think some of my lindens will be ready to start training, will keep you posted.

  19. 37

    Wendy said,

    you’ll just be an island blogger now! My bet is that you’ll be posting every day about all the new things you’ll discover. I’m sure the landscape will provide you all kinds of inspiration!!

    Anyway, not to be too much of a pollyanna – I’m sure you’re met with mixed emotions. Congrats to Ian. Wonderful that you’ll keep kilbourne grove.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next with you!

    • 38

      It is going to be so new and different. Some of the plants I will probably know, we would sell them as tropicals in the flower shop, but I am sure most of them I won’t have a clue. Thank god for the internet, lol.

  20. 39

    Eagerly awaiting updates. Your bulbs are in, and will be there for your spring visit. Do keep in touch with us, or we will MISS you!

  21. 41

    Ellada said,

    It is not always bad to live and to make a new life. You will see new thinks, so enjoy it. Good luck.

  22. 43

    Your enthusiasm for gardening will be missed. However, as a fellow Canadian , preparing for winter, I envy your move to Barbados.

  23. 45

    jim groble said,

    Good luck and best wishes. You are now an island gardener.

  24. 47

    Barbara H. said,

    Gosh, everyone is so positive, which is wonderful, because really, this is really good news for you – so why do I feel so dashed? But, as others have suggested, you can keep blogging! It will just be from a different viewpoint. I know that your presence will be greatly missed at Kilbourne Grove, but you will be visiting. And your garden will probably be all the stronger visually by the very different perspective Barbados will offer you. I also offer congratulations to Ian and wish you both the fullest enjoyment of this next stage of your life. But please, please, please – do keep posting!

    • 48

      Don’t worry Barbara, I will keep posting. Most of my posts in the winter are of snow, lol, so the tropics will be a welcome change. I am planning on visting KG in the spring, so I can post my spring bulbs and all the other exciting changes then.

  25. 49

    chen said,

    Going to miss your refreshing and interesting blogs about your theatre. Your garden is going to miss you too. Perhaps you can make a few posts about the local tropical food and gardens you come across. All the best.

    • 50

      Thank you chen, I am going to miss my garden as well, although it will be asleep for the next 5 months, so I will not feel like I am cheating on it when I admire all the beautiful gardens in Barbados.

  26. 51

    Sandra Jonas said,

    What a fabulous opportunity! Now you can play with Tropical Gardening for a few years. (Start reading about Roberto Burle Marx)
    Winters in Barbados and summers at Kilbourne Grove… does not get better than that!
    Were you not just a tich premature wishing us adieu? You must take us all with you on this new adventure. Please do not give up the blog. You would be so missed.
    Congratulations to Ian.

    • 52

      I wish that it could be winters in Barbados and summers in Kilbourne Grove, that would be a dream come true. However Revenue Canada and Ian would not like that, I can’t stay in Canada too long, or we are not considered a non-resident. I will keep you informed about my adventures in Barbados and my fleeting visits to Canada.

  27. 53

    Lynne said,

    I can imagine the mixed emotions you are feeling. How long is Ian’s posting for, do you know? I will miss your regular posts on Kilbourne Grove, but look forward to seeing posts from Barbados when you have the time.

    Thank you for all the lovely hours I have spent reading your blog, and thank you for encouraging me to start my own, and then for becoming my first follower. Hugs

    • 54

      Ian’s posting is for three years, not that long. We were already in London for two years, and the Canadian Pension Plan has a ruling about leaving Canada for more than 5 years, it effects your pension at retirement. I am sure that the three years will fly by, and I will be back, hopefully with my hedges quite a bit higher.

  28. 55

    Embrace it; it’ll work out well, it always does if you keep a positive attitude.

    I knew a bloke from Barbados. He used to wear a hat, all the time. My advice; get a hat, and you’ll blend in.

    Unless, of course, he was the only one…

  29. 57

    Jean said,

    OMG, Deborah, I was expecting big news, but not this big! I agree with others in predicting a Barbados garden and continued blogging with a new slant. You were my first “blogging buddy;” so you’re not allowed to just quietly disappear!

    I’m just working on a post about my “two-garden” lifestyle and inviting others with two gardens to share why/how they do it. I think you’re about to join our ranks, and I’m probably not the only one who will be interested in hearing about how you end up managing the arrangements for Kilbourne Grove, including the trade-offs between renting it out to someone who can take good care of it and being able to spend time there yourself. I don’t know what it costs to fly back and forth between Barbados and Canada, but consider just building plane fare and rental car costs into your household budget.

    Wishing you all the best in your new adventure. Hugs. -Jean

    • 58

      Huge news, isn’t it Jean. It was a big decision whether to rent it out or hire someone to manage it, I just couldn’t let someone else live there. I want to be able to come home to it. If I don’t come back in peak season, the air fare is not too bad, spring and fall are not wanted times, except by me. Look forward to reading your post.

  30. 59

    Anna said,

    Oh what mixed emotions you must have Deborah . So glad that you are keeping Kilbourne Grove and hope that you get back to see your beloved snowdrops in the spring. Now for the exotic flowers of Barbados – perhaps you will join their floral arrangement society and we could see you at the Chelsea Flower Show in the future 🙂 Good luck and keep in touch ((((()))))

    • 60

      I do have mixed emotions Anna, I am trying to decide when to come back in the spring, I CAN’T miss the snowdrops. In Canada, they all seem to come at once, as soon as the snow melts, so I am thinking mid-April. I have heard that the Barbados floral society is huge at Chelsea, winning frequently, something to check out.

  31. 61

    Gilly said,

    What a difficult time for you. I hope you are very happy in Barbados but I feel for you having to leave your garden when it is still so young and you still have so many plans for it. I hope you will continue to blog both about the garden and about your new adventure.
    The very best of luck to you both

    • 62

      Thank you Gilly, you understand exactly how I am feeling. It will be very hard to start any new projects on my short visits home, hard enough just to keep it maintained. It is only a three year contract, so I can wait, since I have to.

  32. 63

    teza said,

    Wow! I guess its sunscreen, beach towels and cabana boys from now on. I do not envy your leaving KG, just when you have left an indelible mark on it, but D, methinks that you will soon come to understand the importance of the phrase, distance makes the heart grow fonder. KG will be your own private sanctuary – a place that you so lovingly created from bare ground. It will keep your feet, heart and soul firmly planted in Ontario, Canada!
    I know you will create a new garden in Barbadoes – filling it with sea shells, Agapanthus and other wonderful accrutrements. I agree with the idea of a companion blog, sort of like ‘the two faces of Eve!’ Email is a wonderful tool in keeping people connected. I look forward to continuing this wonderful garden friendship.
    Its never goodbye……

    • 64

      Ha, ha, ha, love those cabana boys. I am sure that I will appreciate KG even more, probably read my own blog myself, just to keep looking at the pictures. I hope to come home in the spring, maybe we will finally be able to get together then.

  33. 65

    Hi Deborah, I wish you and Ian a wonderful new journey! I am sure you will find great inspiration in the gardens of Barbados. You will be missed. 🙂

  34. 67

    Debbie said,

    Deborah, What exciting but bittersweet news. I’ll miss your posts about Kilbounre Grove but certainly look forward to hearing about gardening life in Barbados. How fortunate you are to be embarking on a new journey. Enjoy!

  35. 69

    I am so going to miss my northern neighbor at Kilbourne Grove. It was so fun to follow you on your garden adventure, but so much awaits. I bet you are not going to miss the winter here once in Barbados. So many plants to grow that only we northerners can envy. God speed and enjoy the ride.

  36. 71

    debsgarden said,

    Oh, Deborah, i do hope you keep blogging, and I know Barbados will be a wonderful, exotic new land that you must blog about! You were the first person to welcome me and comment on a post when I joined blotanical, so you have always been special to me. Good luck with your transition. I hope all goes well and that Kilbourne Grove will continue to prosper.

    Enjoy your new life!

  37. 73

    Oh, Deborah, I was so busy last week . . . I missed this important post! Wow! I knew there was some announcement coming but that you are moving . . . gee I think it is exciting! I envy you!!! What a beautiful island you are off to. It is great that you will hold on to Kilbourne Grove! Well, you will not miss the winter too much I hope. Have a wonderful new adventure! I look forward to seeing some posts from your new life there. Safe travels to you and Ian! The best of everything in this new chapter. I will miss you and your wonderful blog. I hope you will keep us posted when you have time. Carol

  38. 75

    Jen said,

    I think that most of us are envious that you will be spending winter in the sun. Have a safe and easy move, and do keep in touch.

    Will you have a chance to see the snowdrops bloom in the spring?

    I do so hope…..

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  39. 77

    Colleen Miko said,

    I have had to leave a home and garden I adored many times to live all over the place. I found extreme comfort in coming back to it when I could–to tend the yard, to see the seasons, to even just sit and take in the good feeling I had in the presence of somthing I loved, built and tended. You’ll have great times where you’re going and your heart and mind will be expanded by the change of place. Good luck!

    • 78

      Colleen, that is exactly how I feel, I just wish that my time coming back to KG was not limited by the Canadian tax people, darn it. But, it is only for three years, and will go by very quickly.

  40. 79

    Oh, Deborah, I’m reading this series backwards. Just when we’d begun to know each other. However, I’m very happy for you. And what a place to be transferred to! When you come back for your Kilbourne Grove visits, do let me know. You know where I am.

    A question from the superstitious: was it because you planted all those snowdrops?

  41. 80

    Melissa said,

    Deborah, what a dreadful e-friend I am. Barbados! I just checked your blog for the first time in ages and found the news. Hope you will enjoy the move and keep us posted on your new digs, new flowers, and how Kilbourne Grove is faring when you check in there.


  42. 81

    janelle said,

    Your blog is very interesting. I’m a Barbadian and it’s great to see my country throught the eyes of someone who didn’t necessarily grow up here. I’ve also appreciated how you present my lovely country. Cheers!

    • 82

      You have an amazing country, not only for its natural beauty, but also for its history. History was always my favourite subject in school,but Canada is such a young country, we just don’t have it like you do.

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