Digging, Digging, Digging

Keep this woman digging!

I know it was my idea, although Gail had a lot to do with it. But who would guess that 1,000 crocus bulbs would take soooo long to plant.

I did think that I would get a bit more help from Ian, but (unfortunately) he found his own project to work on, and I was on my own.  (OK, not quite on my own, he did dig a couple of holes for me, maybe 80, before he bailed).

Lets see, 1,000 crocus tommasinianus bulbs divided by 80 holes = 12.5 per hole, I can handle that.

But I have 150 fritillaria meleagris bulbs to plant.  At 10 per hole, that was only another 15 holes, I can handle that.

Wait, I forgot the 50 allium christophii bulbs, I can handle that!

Hmmm, it looks a lot more close-up!

OK, due to circumstances beyond my control (Ian), I would not be back to Kilbourne Grove till Hallowe’en, so I wanted to get the bulbs in. I had already planted all the other ones, I was a woman on a mission!

The fritillaria are going in the front, on each side of the front sidewalk in the grass. (I saw that at Kensington Gardens in London and loved the way it looked).  That is only 7 holes per side, oh no, I did not order enough fritillaria!

It is going to look sparse, oh well, hopefully they will self seed, and there is always next year, lol.

Fritillaria bulbs are a nice size to pick up, drop them in the hole, put the chunk of sod back and firm down, there that didn’t take too long.

Now onto the back.

This looks a lot better. The holes are much closer together, hopefully I will get a nice show.

Ooooh, fiddly bulbs, why are they so tiny….slooow going!  Done!!!!!

The allium were a piece of cake in comparision, 10 holes in the Lime Walk, 5 per side, 5 bulbs in, and finished.

Come visit me next spring for the grand unveil, see you then!


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  1. 1

    Lynne said,

    Ooh, I can’t wait until they settle in and put on a show. Particularly the alliums. I luurve those 🙂

  2. 3

    Laurrie said,

    It will be a treat to see the effect next spring! It does seem like a massive amount of bulbs is needed even for a small show. I was amazed my first year gardening that the 150 bulbs I planted looked so sparse. The space needed 1,500! You’ve certainly got the right idea with the amounts you are putting in, and it will look so nice.

  3. 5

    Valerie said,

    Wow that is a lot of planting. I can’t wait to see the spring show.

  4. 7

    That’s a job and a half. Well done yourself!

  5. 9

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Lifting the turf and planting the bulbs in groups is certainly the best way to plant small bulbs I have found over the years. I am sure that it is going to look wonderful and I am thrilled that more Alliums are to go into the Lime Walk – they were so effective last year. Roll on Spring!!

  6. 11

    Marguerite said,

    Great job! I only had 75 bulbs to plant and a week in I still haven’t finished the job. It’ll take me years to catch up to your numbers. Can’t wait to see how the checkered lilies look, such a delightful little flower.

    • 12

      There is nothing like having time constraints Marguerite, to get your butt in gear. I knew if I didn’t get them in now, I wouldn’t be up to KG for a few weeks. It has snowed in November (and stayed) before.

  7. 13

    Deborah, It will be so much fun to see all these in bloom in spring! I intentionally avoided small bulbs this year as we’re so busy. I hope your back isn’t too sore after all that! I stuck just to more daffodils for this year. My cordless drill, and bulb planting auger await! 😛

  8. 15

    patty said,

    OOh, my back and knees are aching for you. Looking forward to the spring photos.

  9. 17

    Can hardly wait to see your pics of the bulbs next spring.

  10. 19

    Well Done Deborah! Wow! You put me to shame for I have not planted one bulb yet. Gosh I cannot wait to see your garden come spring. Here is to no voles or other critters finding your precious stash. ;>)

  11. 21

    Hi Deborah,
    I too planted bulbs today. Alliums, lilies and tomorrow the tulips. Nowhere near the quantities that you have. The Frits will look great in the grass. I can not wait to see your display next year. That is what is so great about bulbs, always something to look forward to.

  12. 23

    Ria said,

    Oh lordy – You are one for self-torture aren’t you? Well at least it’s done my love. I can’t imagine you’ll be complaining when you see all those beautiful nodding heads next year. I have considered naturalizing some bulbs around our garden at the bottom, but I think I’ll leave that till next year… 😉

  13. 25

    Jennifer said,

    Great work! You put me to shame as well. I still haven’t bought more than a few bulbs. I look forward to seeing them all in bloom come spring.

  14. 27

    Goodness Deborah, you are a busy digger!! I have 24 tulips waiting to go in, and my arms hurt thinking about it. Yes, I have become that lazy!

  15. 29

    That’s a big sack of bulbs. You’re going to have a wonderful display in spring. Planting bulbs is one of my favourite gardening jobs, because I forget winter, and start imagining spring.

  16. 31

    Jean said,

    Congratulations on getting all your bulbs planted! It looks like you had good weather for doing it. And, come spring, you’re going to be so happy that you dug all those holes and planted all those bulbs!

  17. 33

    Racquel said,

    That is alot of bulbs and a massive task to take on. Can’t wait to see how it all pays off next spring! 🙂

  18. 35

    Rosie said,

    I can’t wait to see them in growth Deborah – but you sure have your work cut out for you just now. I hope there are no blisters on those hands.

    As for the colchicums – watch this space – I’m planning on doing another blog post on them as that “leaning” is a subject that will be mentioned

  19. 37

    Debbie said,

    Whoa, that’s ALOT of bulbs…can’t wait to see the photos of the flowers in the spring. I put in a few hundreds daffs last year, but with the help of my teenage son and an auger attached to an electric drill and that was exhausting.

  20. 39

    PatioPatch said,

    Dear Deborah – lifting the turf is back breaking enough, let alone planting all these bulbs. Still, I am sure you’ll be focusing on the ultimate Spring riot of colour as you countdown each planting. It will look fabulous and thanks for doing the sums re how many of what per hole. Very informative


  21. 41

    Dear Deborah, felt quite exhausted reading your post but i’m sure your hard work will produce dividends…

  22. 43

    By spring your back should no longer ache so you will be able to enjoy your beautiful blooms. I can’t wait to see them.

  23. 45

    Barbara said,

    My bulbs are all in now, too, and I found the hardest part was deciding what would go where. You seem to have a master plan at least, and it sounds great. I can’t wait to see your spring photos, and hope your alliums don’t get devoured by slugs like mine did.

    • 46

      It is very hard deciding what goes where, I always seem to slice into bulbs already in the ground. This house I have learned a bit, and I am planting bulbs heavily whenever I make a new bed. Then I don’t have to worry.

  24. 47

    debsgarden said,

    I am looking forward to the results! No doubt you will gaze out over all your blooming bulbs and immediately start planning where the next groups of bulbs need to go. Like childbirth, we quickly forget the labor once the beautiful results are delivered.

  25. 49

    Anna said,

    My bulb order has still to arrive and I am daunted at the thought but compared to what you have planted it all pales into insignificance. Men always seem to find other projects at convenient times but well done you for your hard labour. You will duly be rewarded 🙂

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