Bulb Madness

Every year is strikes me.

I always think that I will remain strong and resist the urge.

But, I always fail.

What am I talking about? Just the urge to keep my bulb order to reasonable standards.

This was the scene Wednesday at Kilbourne Grove.  A gorgeous sunny day, and a sprinkling of bulbs to plant.  Yes, I said a sprinkling. Don’t think that the  252 I planted was the majority of my order. No siree, the balance still has to arrive, that includes my 1,000 crocus tommasinianus, 150 fritillaria meleagris (inspired by Barry Parker), and my Veseys order. That is for 105.

2010 =1,507  bulbs. Yay, highest score ever!!!!   (of course, that could still increase, the bulbs will be going on sale at the big box stores soon, and I have been known to pick up one or two on impulse!  Want to read how many I planted in 2009, you can here.


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  1. 1

    You need help, really you do. Try Googling “cheap bulbs”, or “rare bulbs”, or even just “bulbs”. I’m sure you can buy loads more!

    By the way, if you come across a way to plant even more tuyrnips, please share the info!

  2. 3

    fairegarden said,

    Hooray! You are wise to have so many bulbs, Deborah, for nothing, and I mean nothing beats the pleasure of seeing swaths of them in springtime! The tommies are so small, 1000 is not really that many, but they increase like mad, a good start. Too many is not enough. 🙂

    • 4

      I have to thank Gail for those picture she had on her blog in the spring, so inspiring. Maybe if I plant 1,000 every year, and they increase, in 10 or 20 years, I will have quite a show.

  3. 5

    Marguerite said,

    When you say 1500 bulbs that sounds like so many but having just planted 30 bulbs (and thinking that was quite a bit) I can say – go get some more!! No matter how many you have there never seems to be enough. Congratulations on going big.

    • 6

      I have ordered them from a few mail order companies, (as well as picking some up on impulse), and I find it is easier if I plant them as each one arrives, instead of waiting and planting them all at once, it seems like less work this way.

  4. 7

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, This is all so exciting and I am certain that you are nowhere near finished with your bulbs yet. Double them, treble them and plant them in their hundreds, thousands…….it will all look glorious. i do so hope that there will be more purple headed Alliums at Kilbourne Grove since they looked lovely last year. Have a happy, bulb filled weekend!

    • 8

      Oh Edith, I wish that I could afford to plant as many as I wish, I need to win a lottery, because I could never have enough. I did order more alliums for the Lime Walk, although this time it was allium christophii, I am hoping to extend the season of purple.

  5. 9

    Sandra Jonas said,

    Oh Deborah, I have transplanted THOUSANDS of daffodils and it still doesn not look like enough! Just keep planting, remember its the journey…

  6. 11

    How on earth . . . ? That many . . . ? Others seem to be taking this in their stride but to me this is a LOT of bulbs. Fortunately for my family I have not bought as many as you for the ones I bought two weeks ago are still rolling around on the kitchen table. First I was waiting for the ground to be damp enough to break into. Now I’m waiting for the rain to stop.


    • 12

      Esther, when I was ordering it seemed like a lot of bulbs. Every year I go through this, (although usually only 500 or so), and every spring I realize it is not nearly enough. So I decided to expand my order a bit.

  7. 13

    teza said,

    This makes my disproportionally meagre, near invisible 7 Narcissus ‘Thalia’ and Tulipa ‘Saxatalis’ look what…….. pathetic perhaps? Are either of these on your list?

    • 14

      I have Thalia already, and have left her in both Kingston and the Beach. Hopefully the new owners love her as much as I do. Tulipa saxatalis seems to be the same as bakeri, and I have Lilac Wonder, which I love as well.

  8. 15

    That is a big number!! But you do have a lot of space. This is a very difficult time of year, I think we get into ‘gathering mode’ like a squirrel hoarding nuts. We can’t buy m/any more plants, but it’s a great time for bulbs.

    • 16

      That is exactly it, I am in gathering mode, and I NEED more bulbs. No matter how many I think I have, in the spring it always looks skimpy to me, as you said, I have a lot of space to fill.

  9. 17

    I bow down to the bulb master! I thought I had a lot of bulbs to plant…but it’s only 430 this year 😛 Looks like maybe you have some snowdrops on the table?

    • 18

      Very observant Clare, I did buy 100 galanthus. I hope to have a good show from them, got them in the ground early, and when I dug up a couple of them (accidently of course), they had already rooted, that is a good sign. I hope that you have some among your 430.

  10. 19

    One person’s failure is another person’s success and I think you are leaning to towards the SUCCESSul side of the scale. I wish you fair weather in all of your many planting days to come:)

  11. 21

    You are my bulb hero. My goodness, a bulb planting machine. I fret with the measly couple hundred I have coming. I love them next spring, but sorta curse them now.

    • 22

      I feel like a bit of a fraud, after all 1,000 of them are crocus, they should plant very fast. I love the small bulbs, they increase readily, are usually among the earliest, when I really need them, are less expensive and faster to plant.

  12. 23

    Tatyana said,

    Why did I come here? I was sure I won’t plant any bulbs this year. Now, I am not so sure…

  13. 25

    Ria said,

    Bravo! Bulb addiction is the way of the future! I believe my total currently stands at 540, not including the 200 or so daffodils I want to plant in our tyre wall. but if my bank manager grins at me one more time this autumn I may have to lessen that number slightly! I look forward to seeing your beautiful displays next Spring Deb!

  14. 27

    Catharine said,

    OK D but at least it all fits into a bird bath or sim!

  15. 29

    Wow! I almost fell over when I read 1500 bulbs, but I was already sitting down! They will look wonderful this spring!

  16. 31

    Barbara said,

    Is something wrong with me? I only planted about 60 new bulbs this year and was slightly embarrassed about this extravagance, considering the 100 or so I planted last year. While at the gardening store I asked my husband to pick out some bulbs of his choice for a change, and he deliberated for about half an hour and came up with FIVE bulbs. Geese.

    • 32

      FIVE, FIVE, what is wrong with him, it is not like they are $100 each. My garden is a bit larger than yours, so I feel that I need a lot more, plus there weren’t any planted when we purchased it. At least you inherited some.

  17. 33

    Colleen Miko said,

    I would love to hear if you are successful with the fritillaria–I haven’t had the guts to splurge on them in my own garden yet.

  18. 35

    debsgarden said,

    That may be a huge amount of work, but i can’t wait to see the results! It should be spectacular. We gardeners do have our compulsions. I tell my husband not to worry, at least I don’t spend my money on beer, cigarettes, or lots of shoes!

  19. 37

    Racquel said,

    That is one huge order of bulbs. I didn’t order as many this year as I have in years past. But I did order alot of things I already have so I can increase the numbers of those favorite bloomers. 🙂

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