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I want her life.     

OK, I will keep Ian.    

OK, I love Kilbourne Grove and do not want to give it up.    

But I want the rest of her life!    

Margaret Roach left the corporate world far behind  and changed her life, for the better.    

She started a blog called A Way To Garden, but when you read the site url it says awaytogarden and that is what her garden was at first.  Like me, she was a weekend gardener, leaving her place in the city and spending all weekend, slogging it out in the garden.  When I look at her place, I am inspired, eventually it will come, the trees and hedges will grow, I just have to give them time. Time, time, the one thing that I cannot rush along, it moves how it wants to.    


She also wrote this book. I enjoyed it so much when termites ate it (in my storage unit, long story, don’t ask), I tried to buy it again.  I had to order it from a second-hand book store, but it  was sooo worth it, just love the book. If you love the website, you will love the book. And if you love the book, you will love her blog.    

She is always inspiring!    


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  1. 1

    Time will help your garden grow Deborah! Lovely post. I too love Margaret’s blog.

  2. 3

    Marguerite said,

    The one thing I’ve learned in my garden is patience and respect for mother nature. It all comes together but at it’s own pace. Kilbourne Grove will be outrageously beautiful and full of plants one day and you’ll look back on all the fun weekends you spent there making it happen.

  3. 5

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Perhaps one could call it a motto, perhaps one could call it a way of life, but I have always held to the view that the fun is in the travelling not the destination. More and more I feel that this is true and apposite in an ever changing world.

  4. 7

    Barbara said,

    Hi Deborah, thanks for introducing me to both book and blog. I’ve always admired people who drop their secure lives to do what they really want to do, and she sounds like one of them.

  5. 9

    Thanks so much for the introduction, off to visit a new (to me) blog! :O)

  6. 11

    Sandra Jonas said,

    Time. The one element a gardener has no control of. If there is one thing I have learned it is patience. And, I so agree with Edith, the pleasure is in the creation, the result will come…with time!

  7. 13

    Ria said,

    Thanks for the heads up there Deborah! I love the blog, and look forward to reading more from Margaret!

    I completely understand where you’re coming from in regards to having no patience (and forcing yourself to try). The garden is still rather wasteland-ish at the ark, but I’m sure our plots will soon be as beautiful as all the other gardens we like to drool over!

  8. 15

    ellada said,

    I will visit her blog.

  9. 17

    Great post! Makes me need to get the book, too.

  10. 19

    PatioPatch said,

    Deborah – it’s great to have an inspirational mentor and it would not surprise me if in time, someone else will be posting the same about KG. It’s not so much the arriving as the setting out. Enjoy the journey.


  11. 21

    Jennifer said,

    Hi Deborah, I will definitely look for this book. I love a good garden read.

  12. 23

    Anna said,

    Off to have a peek at Margaret’s blog 🙂

  13. 25

    Debbie said,

    If there’s one thing a garden teaches you it’s patience. And don’t forget humility. And perserverace. And… I had the pleasure of touring Margaret’s garden, with Margaret as our guide, this spring and it was simply amazing. One of those gardens where you don’t know where to look first. One plant vignette was more incredible than the next. The best was Margaret though. She was so sweet and kind and generous with her plant knowledge. I

  14. 27

    Catharine said,

    So where is this Margaret Roach to be found?

  15. 29

    Jean said,

    Deborah, Thanks for introducing me to a writer that I hadn’t known about. I’m going to look for this book (I can get it on interlibrary loan); it looks like perfect winter garden reading. -Jean

  16. 31

    That sounds absolutely lovely. I’m so glad you came and visited my blog, because now I’ve found yours, and it is heavenly. And you’re in Canada, where we hope to end up. I’m going to get a cup of tea later this afternoon and come back for a really good rummage around.

    • 32

      Hey Rachael, thank you for returning the visit and the lovely compliment on my blog. Interesting that you hope to end up in Canada, hope you will tell me why sometime. Look forward to seeing you again, either here or on your fascinating blog.

      • 33

        Hi Deborah,
        Coming from the Highlands of Scotland, we both love skiing, the outdoors, cold weather, snow chains, a distinct lack of shops and the sense of humour that goes along with all those things – so Canada seems the perfect choice! Hahaha. Seriously though, it’s a quality of life thing – I know the country isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for us!

        Off to have a read around now – I’m sitting alone in a cafe with my new iPad, so it’s the perfect opportunity!

      • 34

        Well, you will love Canada then Rachael. My grandfather brought my mum here after the war, and it was all so they could have a better standard of living. When I was working in London, I was amazed that most of my colleagues never expected to ever be able to own their own home, Canadians feel home ownership is a right, not a privilege.
        And snow and cold weather, we’ve got lots and lots and lots to share!

  17. 35

    Ria said,

    Thanks for the welcome deborah 😉 i’ve been on hiatus for some time now, but its’ nice to be getting back into things in the garden (and the blog of course!) I look forward to getting round to reading more blogs (including yours of course) again!

  18. 37

    Dear D, i’m just glad that you are keeping poor old Ian….! what would you do without him?

  19. 39

    i’m going to have to go searching for this book. i’ve been to her site before and loved it! thanks for the tip 🙂

    btw, sorry to read about the termites!

  20. 41

    Wendy said,

    I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation.

  21. 43

    Barbara H. said,

    I’m so far behind – on everything, but especially reading blogs! Decided to start from the bottom of the My Yahoo page where my oldest and most favorite blogs live. They’ve been ignored lately because I run out of steam when I start at the top. You live at the bottom, Pam/Digging, Margaret Roach, Each Little World. You are all wonderful.

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