Helloooo Gorgeous

Come here often?  Yes that is one of the many cheesy pickup lines I used to hear when I was single.  But gorgeous is a word that I am happy to apply to my new love, Hakonechloa ‘Beni Kaze’.  He is loving the colder nights we have been having lately, and flaunting it!

It is always a few degrees colder at Kilbourne Grove than it is in the city, we actually had to have a fire on Labour Day weekend.  That doesn’t upset me, I am not a big fan of the heat, and love, love, love fall!

Yes, that is pachysandra that you see, a gift from the neighbour, it is on its way to the back forty.

You can see Beni is breaking out his autumn wardrobe.  Or you could look at it as dying his hair red, after all, doesn’t everyone want to be a red-head!

Whatever effect he is going for, I like it, and I like him!


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, Yet another love affair!! Now, be truthful, how is Ian taking all of this? It is indeed a very attractive plant and looks very good where you have placed it in front of the stone pier.

  2. 3

    gardeningasylum said,

    That Beni was one of the plants my garden club offered as a fundraiser to the members – sold out before I knew about it, and I can see why! I kind of like it with the glossy green pachy…

  3. 5

    Hi Deborah, I look forward to seeing your new love fully dressed for fall. I could have made a fire or two here too. I think Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year. ;>)

    • 6

      When I loved in England, I found the temp was very steady, not up and down like it is in North America. Crazy how it can be 30C one day, and 17C the next. Fall and spring, I live for them!

  4. 7

    Laurrie said,

    I love seeing your Beni Kaze and imagining what mine could have looked like. Yours really is a great looking plant, especially with the red tinges in his hair. Mine spent the summer in what amounts to a buzz cut, sheared by rabbits. So I haven’t seen leaves much less red streaks like yours. So glad I get to visit Beni Kaze here!

  5. 9

    catmint said,

    Hi Deborah, your new love looks very happy and laid back in its new position. I think your love is being appreciated, even reciprocated. cheers, catmint

  6. 11

    I love things that change colour with the seasons. My scarlet willow – which I thankfully didn’t chop down last year – has turned deep red, with the branches starting to show through the drooping leaves.

  7. 13

    Valerie said,

    He is a winner in the garden for sure.

  8. 15

    Anna said,

    Another great looking hak Deborah – I’m sure that my mac.would appreciate company – think that I should investigate this one further 🙂

  9. 17

    Beautiful fall display, it amazes me how quickly some plants put on a show after a few cold nights. 🙂

  10. 19

    Joy said,

    Deborah girl ! I almost did get Beni this year but chickened out for worry he might be picky .. but seeing yours now .. I am adding him back on the list for next year, he is gorgeous ! .. I am waiting for my Northern Lights grass to get cold enough to start its show .. the feather seed heads it had during early summer were amazing !
    Glad to have seen your post on Beni !!

  11. 21

    Wendy said,

    he sure IS gorgeous!

    I need to go check on mine – out back and horribly neglected. No one to admire it’s beauty.

  12. 23

    Linda said,

    I love Beni’s “autumn rags”! He is a very handsome fellow. And he looks just charming next to the shiny Pachy. I need a Beni in my garden!

  13. 25

    teza said,

    Come to Daddy you gorgeous thang you! [Now, who or what could I possibly be referring to….. enquiring minds, and Ian for that matter, want to know!]

  14. 27

    Marian said,

    I’ve just had a quick catch up through your last few posts as I’ve been away. Now I’d like to see a bed of Beni, Imperata and Heucheralla all dancing together.. maybe invite the dandelion too as we all love a weed (in someone else’a garden :))

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