Crazy, For Loving You

Crocus tommasinianus

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Yes, I am crazy, crazy that is over tommies.      

We are on a first name basis, crocus tommasinianus and I, tommies are the most gorgeous (I think) of the crocus bulbs.      

Crocus tommasinianus are (supposed) to be one of the most squirrel proof crocus, and with the squirrel mafia that hangs out at Kilbourne Grove, I need that.      

This past spring Gail, posted the most amazing picture on her blog. Millions of crocus tommasinianus in flower in a wooded area near her house.      

I fell in love.      

But I could not find any supplier of crocus tommasinanus in Canada, and my dream just slowly faded away.      

But a month ago, Gail once again posted the picture and awakened my lust all over again. She was going to buy (and plant) not 50, not 100, not 500, but 1,000 crocus tommasinianus.      

Ooooh, I wanted them too!      

So I sent out a few emails too a couple of Canadian suppliers. Could they get me them as a special order? One of them came through. I now have 1,000 crocus  on order.      

Stay tuned!      


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, This is SO exciting. You are right. One does need bulbs not as single spies but in battalions. Tedious though they will be to plant, imagine the effect next spring and then for all the springs for evermore. A very sound investment. I wonder where you will plant them? In grass, in the border or in containers?

    • 2

      Edith, I shall have to enlist Ian to dig the sod up. I planted 50 fritallaria meleagris bulbs in my lawn this way, and I just put the chunk of sod back on them and firmed it in, super easy.

  2. 3

    gardeningasylum said,

    Oh you are going to love them Deborah – I was surprised last year that my August planted tommies bloomed a month later!

  3. 5

    You’re going to need to have a planting party. Perfect time to invite all your friends for a weekend at Kilbourne Grove!

  4. 7

    Marguerite said,

    oh my goodness you are dedicated. 1000 bulbs!!! I can barely muster up the strength to drop in a couple garlic bulbs at this point.

  5. 9

    gardeningasylum said,

    Just realizing why commenting at 5 in the morning is dangerous – I was thinking colchicums, not tommies for fall bloom – both beautiful!

  6. 11

    debsgarden said,

    Wow! That will be spectacular! Have fun planting all those bulbs, and dream of the coming reward.

    • 14

      Go big or go home!
      Seriously, I have planted over 2,000 spring flowering bulbs in my garden over the last 5 years and it looks like nothing in the spring. And they are my favourite!!!

  7. 15

    Barbara said,

    1000 – OMG. I hope you have one of those dandy bulb planters – or how are you planning on getting them all into the earth? I hope you do realize that they might multiply, at least mine seem to. Be sure to post photos in the spring.

    • 16

      Barbara, when I planted some frits, I just dug out a chunk of sod, put the bulbs in, replaced the sod and firmed it down. I am going to do the exact same thing, but am going to get Ian to help me. I want them to come up in the lawn, and I am so hoping they multiply, I want thousands.

  8. 17

    Anna said,

    Wow ~ looking forward to seeing the results of your planting next spring. Would offer to lend a hand if I was nearer 🙂

  9. 19

    This is very exciting Deborah! Congratulations! 🙂

  10. 21

    leavesnbloom said,

    Deborah I hope your little bulbs come soon – you’ll probably get them to flower aswell this year. I have just a few in the front garden but they are not in flower yet. Mine are the saffron ones.

    wow – can I suggest you get a pair of gloves as I have planted 100’s of bulbs of various varieties in the past and had the blisters in the palms of my hands to prove it! 1000 is going to make a wonderful show!

    • 22

      Ooops Rosie, they are spring flowering crocus, not fall. But I want some fall as well, I have some colchicums and I find the leaves so big and floppy in the spring.
      I have lots of gloves, but I am hoping to talk Ian into digging the holes, lol.

  11. 23

    PatioPatch said,

    Hi Deborah – I really should get some of these for my wooded areas which are still so bare even in Spring. That’s a lot of bulbs to plant – maybe you could get the squirrels to help out! Look forward to pics of your Spring ‘Tommies’

    Laura x

  12. 25

    catmint said,

    1000 sure is loving committment. But as Edith says it is an investment when they naturalize and bring you joy for years to come. (and us joy when you photograph them and don’t have use Wikipedia)

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