Drip Strip

There is a big drip at my house.  Actually at my garage.  We have a metal roof on the garage and when it rains, the water just pours over the edge of the roof.  We had a bark mulch on the ground beside the garage, and the rain would splash it on the side of the garage, not attractive.

Just a few of the rocks we find, everytime we dig a hole in the garden.

When I was changing the paths in the Flora Glade, we changed this as well.

After raking up the bark mulch we raked the limestone screening smooth.

When it rains really hard, not only do you get splash marks on the garage, but the rain would actually dig a line into the ground. I found a design in a magazine where the homeower had actually made a splash pad to prevent dirt splashing on the side of her house, so I thought that I could do the same with my garage. I used some of the 50 million rocks that we had found over the years and made a narrow strip next to the garage. I only used the cobble like rocks and a few chunks of brick, the larger flat stones we are saving for another project.

Now, when the rain water hurls itself over the edge of the garage roof it hits the cobbles and bounces away harmlessly.  I would love to have some kind of garden beside the garage, but it would have to be herbaceous perennials only, in the winter huge sheets of ice can fall from the metal roof, and they could crush anything in its path. Or maybe I could make a garden around the base of the silver maple beside the garage and just have a narrow path between it and the garage. Or I could espalier something on the side of the garage, or there are the shutters I found at the farmers market…

 I have lots of time to think it over, Ian thinks I have enough garden beds now, and should stop. Is he crazy?


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  1. 1

    Edith Hope said,

    Dearest D, What a very ingenious idea and, judging from your picture, exceedingly well executed. It is such a nuisance when raincontinues to splash onto a surface, particularly a white or light one.

    No, you are not mad. Ignore Ian’s advice in this instance BUT be careful about taking on more than you can at any given time maintain and look after. There is, whatever you may think, plenty of time.

    • 2

      Edith, patience is NOT my middle name, but I am trying. I have soooo many ideas, sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about them, but lack of time and money stops a lot of them.

  2. 3

    Lynne said,

    What a simple and attractive solution.

    As to your quandary, as Edith said – take your time. What’s the hurry? 🙂

  3. 5

    How beautiful!! I’m sure it will solve the problems of splashing on the garage. Your last comment from Ian made me laugh, since it sounded so familiar!! Could you imagine the discussion if our hubbys got together? lol

  4. 7

    Racquel said,

    Good idea to keep that splash back from happening. I don’t think we can even have too many garden beds, lol. My hubby says the same thing though. 😉

  5. 9

    It is good you found the solution to the rain issue. Another purpose for the foundation path is for maintenance on both the structure (painting,window washing, etc.) and the shrub beds at the base of the home. If it is designed a minimum of 2 feet wide, it is usually beyond the drip line of the roof, also good for shrubs in winter especially. It provides a buffer area for the plant roots away from the concrete foundation and easy access for plant maintenance. A great place to hide or drag a hose too. They can be constructed of many materials, but gravel and loose stone work well. I design these paths of natural stone or pavers at each home I design, my own, included. Would not be without one.

  6. 11

    I have the same problem Deborah. You have solved yours beautifully. I am sure you will come up with an idea you and Ian can both live with concerning more garden beds. The rocks look quite lovely next to the garage… maybe you will find the clean design good enough for now. It is dramatic to see the snow fall from the metal roofs in the winter! Watch out below! ;>)

  7. 13

    Laurrie said,

    I love seeing problem solving in the garden, that’s what motivates me. Grand designs are nice, but watching a solution unfold and look so attractive is a real kick. I like your pebbly strip.

  8. 15

    You have reinvented what the Swiss do. It is a good idea.

  9. 17

    Tatyana said,

    I have the same problem. Mulch which is there now, doesn’t help. The rocks are only a half-solution for me, since we need to keep our ‘green waste’ container there, and it won’t be easy to roll it out of there. I’m glad they worked for you. Looks good!

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